10 things you don’t know you’re doing because of your alpha personality

It is generally believed that alphas are bossy and forceful, so a lot of them are not willing to admit they are one.

Well, his couldn’t be further from the truth though!

Here are ten things that alphas do without being aware of it.

1. You Cut to the Chase

Instead of beating around the bush and wasting effort or time, you cut to the chase! You get right to the point, not even thinking about what others have to say or think.  You simply don’t care. You never leave any room for ambiguity and let people know where they stand with you.

2. You Buy Into People’s Actions, Not Their Words

You have a lot of confidence and faith in people, so when someone tells you they will help you with something, you expect them to do it. But, you have more confidence in their actions, rather than what they say they will do it.

3. You Can Go it Alone

You are not afraid of being single as you feel comfortable being alone and doing your own thing.  Instead of going to a party every friend is going to, you can stay at home and enjoy a good movie. Simply put, you feel good in your own skin and enjoy your freedom and what it offers.

4. You Do What You Say You’ll Do

If someone asks for your help and you promise to help, you give it your all! You commit and get things done without getting distracted by other things you need to do.  You want to be the kind of person who does what they said to do, so this applies to all aspects of your life.

5. You Have a Small Circle of Friends

Given that you feel good in your own skin and feel comfortable spending time alone, you have a small circles of friends with whom you share the same opinions and believe in the same things. You don’t need a book filled with countless names or 500 Facebook friends. A few friends who are always by your side are more than enough!

6. You Like Your Own Company

As already discussed, you enjoy spending time alone, whether it is reading a good book, watching Netflix, or dicing alone in your car.

7. You are Low Maintenance

You don’t spend time worrying about best gadgets, the best clubs, or the latest trends.  You know what you like and stick with it, no matter what.

8. You Know How to Occupy Your Time

You have a long list of goals and are continually working to achieve them.  You never get bored, as any spare time you have is used on working on your goals.  You know that this takes time and effort, but are also aware of the fact that learning happens during the journey!

9. You are Your Own Soul Mate

Alphas are their own soul mates and best friends, so it`s no wonder that finding a true love is quite difficult for them.  They are fine hanging with their self, until they find a person who loves them for who they are.

10. People’s Opinions Don’t Matter to You

You don’t care what others think about you and you play by your own rules.  Why let society tell you how it is done after all?