Want to Be Happier? Ask Yourself This Question Every Morning

Did you know that the very moment you awake each morning has a tremendous impact on the way the rest the day and life will go? Therefore, if you start reading the tons of emails you have to read right away, loads of laundry or other chores you have to complete, or the work you have to finish, you will make both your day and life less enjoyable.

Albert Einstein has spoken the words which perfectly apply to this theory“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.” In other words, making your life friendly rather than hostile, you will more good than others would expect.

Remez Sasson emphasizes this positive ideology by saying it “brings brightness to the eyes, more energy, and happiness.”As you can see, these words are more qualitative than quantitative,  which is not surprising at all, given that we are discussing emotions, after all. But, Susan Reynolds, the co-author of Train Your Brain to Get Happy, the stresses out these claims in more scientific terms: “feeling pleasure can be so stimulating for your brain that it is primed to respond to pleasure in a way that reinforces that pleasure.”

Thinking positively has been shown to provide a wide range of health benefits, both for the body and the mind. For instance, it has been proven to boost immunity and allow the person to exhibit stronger immune response compared to those with a negative attitude.  When dealing with stressful events, positive thinkers cope much better. It has been scientifically shown that optimists cope with a disappointment more effectively compared to pessimists.  Other benefits of positive thinking include reduced the risk of death from cardiovascular issues, reduced depression, increased lifespan and increased resilience. In fact, experts believe that things like positive attitude, positivism, and resilience can be cultivated. So, you need to work on this each and every day!

On the flip side, thinking negatively causes the person to feel unhappy, be less creative, and less successful in general. So, if you are a negative thinker, the present moment is the ideal time to change your perspective. Pertaining to the trivial things like attitudes and statements is the best approach when it comes to trying to be more positive.

For example, right upon waking up, you need to tell yourself that you will enjoy the day no matter what, that you are excited and happy to do so, and that you are willing to seize the day as a whole! Cherishing all the things you can do lead to greater appreciation of your life.  In addition, spending time with positive people boosts happiness notably.

At the end of this article, pay attention to the words of Harvey Mackay: “When you wake up every day, you have two choices. You can either be positive or negative; an optimist or a pessimist. I choose to be an optimist. It’s all a matter of perspective.”