This Is What Happiness REALLY Means Because It’s Not Actually About Finding Your Forever Person

True happiness has nothing to do with your love life.  Because true, heartfelt happiness is not about whether you are falling asleep alone or hugging someone during the night.  It is not about whether you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with or whether you are still single.  Simply put, happiness is not related to your relationship status whatsoever.

Happiness is about waking up and feeling excited about the upcoming day.  It is about enjoying every single day instead of wishing for weekend to come.  It is about enjoying the present moment instead of living in the past or imagining the future. Happiness is about being here in the present, instead of worrying about what was or is yet to come.

Happiness is about cherishing the little things in life instead of taking them for granted. The sight of your friend`s name appearing on the screen on the phone, the smell of the food from your favorite restaurant, the sound of your dog… Happiness is about looking at small moments as important ones.

Happiness is about being grateful for what you have instead of wanting more.  It is about being proud of your success, no matter how small it is.  It is about being proud of getting a raise, even if it is still not enough to buy your favorite car or dream house. It is about being excited to buy a new phone case, even if it is an earlier version. Even if your friends have the most recent models.  True happiness is about cherishing the things you have instead of comparing yourself or the things you have to others`. It is about comparing yourself to your past self.

Happiness is about seeing something good even in the worst of situations.  It is about failing a test and being grateful that you still have time to pass and raise the grades. It is about getting rejected and being grateful for the chance to get to know that person and see how he/she truly feels.  It is about getting sick and being grateful that you will feel better by the time the weekend or the holidays come.  Happiness is about changing the way you look at your current situation, because you are better than you expected to be.

Happiness is about acknowledging that not every day is going to be a great day. Oftentimes, you are going to stay at home, skip the gym, ignore all of your calls and texts, and sit on the couch all day long.  Oftentimes, you will find it difficult to smile, although there is nothing big to complain about or be upset about.  Oftentimes, finding true happiness will feel difficult and even impossible.  But, you know what? Moments like these will pass.  These negative emotions will pass.  You will feel happy again, even if pain or anxiety is all you know. Even if you thought that better days would never come.