The 9 Risks You Need To/ Should Take in Your Twenties/ 20s or Live to Regret

How great and fun is to be in your 20s, isn’t it? We are young, happy, and wrinkle-free! As great as these years are, they are also critical for making sure the rest of your life goes as it is supposed to.

Living in your 20s is the right time for taking risks and living life to the fullest.  Here are some of the risks you need to take if you don’t want to regret your 20s!

1. Do the thing you’re most afraid of

Fear is the one that brings us back to our comfort zones as it is what we are used to, keeping us stagnant.  In your 20s, do something that terrifies you and you will soon learn more about yourself in the strangest ways.

2. Chase your passions

What are your passions? Determine what you are passionate about and chase these passions.  Life is nothing without them as they are critical part of your purpose.  They are the ones that light the fire in you and once it has been lit, you are ready to do amazing things.

3. Try something new that you never thought you’d ever be capable of doing

Do something that you never thought you could! Prove yourself wrong!

4. Put your phone away and look around

If you spend most of your time looking into a screen, whether it is a cellphone, tablet or laptop, the chances are you are missing out the great things around you.  Put your phone away and go out making your own memories, instead of looking at other people`s memoires on social media.

5. Date the asshole

On the way of looking for “the one”, you are more likely going to have to date a handful of assholes before you actually find them.  Once you set your priorities straight and now what is that you don’t want from a relationship, you will learn what is you do want!

6. Live in the present moment without letting fear or expectations of the future hold you back from doing so

Living in the present moment without recalling the past or contemplating the future.  Appreciate every moment prior it becomes a memory, and cherish it once it becomes one.

7. Leave the job that you really hate to pursue the career you’re truly passionate about

Leave the job you don’t like, even if this is different from your original plan.  We oftentimes think that we know what we want, but it turns out that it doesn’t match our expectations once we get there.  Being confused about the future is okay, so don’t worry about it.

8. Put yourself out there regardless of the outcome

Speak out and put yourself out there, regardless of the outcome.  Tell someone your feelings, without fearing that you will be rejected, for instance.  Every reaction and failure is necessary for you to get onto the right track.

9. Book a trip you really can’t afford but are determined to go on

Travel in your 20s so that you have stories to tell someday.  These years are the years to visit as many places as possible.  You will not regret spending money due to the precious experiences you will have.