You Deserve More Than Someone Who Is Only Wasting Your Time

Time is extremely important, in spite of the fact that not everyone would agree on this point.  But, it is indeed important, particularly in regard to relationships.

Rushing into things is strongly forbidden when it comes to dating, and it seems that people talk about it more than they do about being honest or treating each other well, for instance.  To give away vibes of rushing is not allowed. To ask questions is like declaring that you are impatient or needy.

So, we tend to prevent ourselves from saying the things we would really want to, while we go on dates on a regular basis, text each other, and even sleep together, without having a clue where the ( almost) relationship is going. We hang out believing that it will head somewhere, until the other person eventually leaves.

It can be very easy to stay stuck in a cycle of going from one person to another and never asking questions. But, you deserve more than a person who only wastes your time!

When we don’t make things clear, we cannot blame the other person.  If we aren’t honest and don’t make our intentions clear, we cannot expect the other person to read our mind. But, if we are clear about wanting a real relationship, and the other person still refuses to deliver, we need to come to terms with it and walk away, regardless of how incredible that person is.

It can be fun though. You will not pretend like the memories you make with them aren’t tempting, as if they weren’t you wouldn’t be with them.  It can be great when they spend time with you and make you feel like you do matter to them. It can be fun from time to time to let go and not ask anything.  Until you find yourself obsessed with them, while they are flirting around.  It can be fun to hold on those moments, until they are gone.

It is okay that you want a real relationship. You are not asking too much for wanting a person to stay with you forever.  You aren’t insane for wanting someone more real and secure.  You know what you really want, and it is okay to want the person you are with to be one the same page.

It isn’t crazy to want answers or to not even want to have so many questions.  If the person you are with is not interested in a serious commitment, it`s okay.  What isn’t, is pretending like they are interested in a serious relationship, while exploring their options.

If the person you are seeing tends to give you more excuses than real answers to your questions,  more reasons to keep you rather than the commitment you need,  the least you can do is to walk away.

You should understand that you owe it to yourself to not spend a single minute of your time with a person who is wasting yours.