This Is Why The Strongest Girls Feel Insecure All The Time

She has high norms. She will never settle for a guy who treats her rudely. She will never hold onto a relationship that is toxic. She will never let anyone bring her down.  And if someone does bring her down, she will not let them stay in her life.

However, she isn’t a hypocrite though. She simply holds herself to the same norms and standards.

She is ambitious and expects herself to accomplish great things, so she feels bad and angry of herself on days when she sits at home with a bag of cookies or skips a day at the gym.  On the days when she is unable to get things done.

She is constantly pushing herself further, regardless of how much she accomplishes in life or how much she gets.  She wants to be more. To do more.  As she knows that she is capable of much more.

She is insecure at the same time, as she is aware of her potential and knows that she isn’t there yet.  She knows that she will succeed, but wants to see more progress. She wants to know that her trust and faith are justified and that she is on the right track.

She looks calm and successful, so the people close to her don’t think she needs support and reminders of how great she is.  They remain quiet when she needs encouragement. When she needs her people to remind her that she is doing her best.  Although she looks like a superhero, she is still a human who needs her friends` support.

Her friends are actually part of the reason why she feels insecure. She is extremely selective about the people she keeps close to her. This means that if you have place in her life, you matter.  You are worthy of her love and dedication.

And she will do anything to make you happy.  For instance, she tries to make her parents happy. She tries to make her boyfriend happy by giving them the perfect gift or taking them on romantic dates.  She tries to take her friends on funny nights.

This eventually drains her.  Taking care of herself is difficult- add that to trying to make her loved ones too.  It is wonder how she survives though!

But she does. She  finds the time and energy to make it through anything.  She is a giver and an achiever.  Although her insecurity slows her down, it never stops her. She doesn’t pay attention to the voices in her head telling her that she is not successful or beautiful enough. She sets out to do anything, even when she is unsure of the chances of success.

Bottom line is that you cannot blame her for feeling insecure.  She is that way as she has high standards. She believes that there is always more money to earn, more money to get, and greater success to achieve. She is aware of her capabilities and isn’t willing to stop until her goals become her reality.