This Is Why Strong Girls Get Attached So Easily

Have you ever met a guy who got clingy after a text message of the girl he met only once? Have you ever met a guy who fell in love from the very beginning? The chances are you haven’t. On the other hand, most girls get attached very easily and quickly.  Why is that so, you might ask…

Well, genetics has a very profound effect on how fast we fall in love and get attached. Female brains differ from male brains,  which makes greater attachment crisis in females.  There are additional biological factors as well.

However, this article doesn’t focus on biological reasons, but on what makes women to be in need of closeness of the heart that comes before anything else.

No matter whether you were in a relationship or not, the only fact that you flirted with her at some point was sufficient.  The fact that you noticed her and gave her attention was sufficient.  From the very moment you smiled at her, she was hooked on you. She became obsessed.  Attached to the idea of you.

This doesn’t mean that she is shallow. She didn’t get attached due to the intensity of yourself.  She got attached as you made her feel worthy. You made her feel like someone.

She got attached as she saw something in you. Faith. Love. A future.

Although she is damaged, she is full of hope.  She dislikes people, as she is aware of their capacities and the pain they are capable of causing.  But, she still believes in people.   She believes in their truth.  In their potential.  In the idea that she will find the one who will give her all the love, friendship, and attention she needs.

And she hopes that you are that person.

She hopes that the guy who texted her good night is a gentlemen, but isn’t doing this only to take you to bed.  She hopes that friends with benefits and almost relationships will be long gone.  She hopes that you will give her something that she never had before- true love.

She loves hard, but you shouldn’t be scared off. You should respect her and her willingness to involve with you, although there is a chance she will end up broken to pieces.  Although she could hit the ground and end up devastated.

But she cannot help it as it is the way that she is.

She gets attached so easily as she starves for attention.  She wants someone to touch her, caress her hair, trace their fingers over her back… She wants to be kissed in the forehead and hugged from behind.

She wants intimacy and attachment. She wants to feel.

She wants to be loved. This is why she sees hope in every guy. She sees beauty in every guy that could turn into her boyfriend.

She gets attached easily as she knows that she will find the one. And when she does, she will never let them go.