I Hope This Next Year You Put Yourself First

It is time for you to stop thinking about the bad things that happened in the past. It is time for you to understand that what made you sad or upset this past year will fade with time.

You will find your place.

You will find your inner peace.

You will feel found again.

The chances are that oftentimes throughout this past year you have felt lost, confused, or even torn to pieces.  The chances are that you felt unable to go through it.  The chances are that you felt like the obstacles you were facing will never be overcome.

But, here you are, with the strength and resilience that you always had and with the confidence that you know you are able to go through anything.  Here you are, surprised, as you never knew what you are capable of.

It oftentimes feels like you have already surrendered.  Like the fast pace of the world, the tight schedules, and the bright lights of the city are too much for you to deal with.

But, guess what? You will get through it.

You will find your place in the city. You will regain your inner peace. You will learn that the same city you are overwhelmed with will lead you to places you have never dreamed of.  You will stop feeling lost.

You will meet new people and go new place.  The way you felt the past year will change, as life is meant to be changing.  You are supposed to feel differently than you did a year ago, a month ago, and even a week ago.

What once made you sad, will eventually be an important life lesson. Sometimes you need to hit the bottom in order to set your priorities straight.  You need to begin from the bottom in order to realize what makes you happy, what makes you sad, and you who you truly are.

You should never let despair and loneliness to overwhelm you.  There is no need to feel lonely, as there are many people who are willing to stand by your side.

You need to let these people in.  This is the only way to overcome the feeling of loneliness and anxiety.  You need to remember that it is okay to let people in as sometimes you simply have to ask for help.

It is okay to be vulnerable, so that you can heal after this year.  It is okay to let yourself grieve the life that led you to the upcoming year. This will help you to understand that from a year now, you will be in a better place.

The next year, you need to be relentless and make yourself a priority. You need to put yourself first.

Remember to let people in and allow them to see your vulnerability. No one ever healed by hiding their emotions. Remember that you will get through anything that life throws at you