Stop Chasing Happiness: 17 Alternative Ways to Live Your Best Possible Life

“If only we’d stop trying to be happy we’d have a pretty good time.”  It does make sense, doesn’t it?

Here is how to get the most of life, without chasing happiness at all.

1.     Stop thinking and talking about being “happy.”

Ask yourself what is missing in your life, whether it is enjoyment, playfulness, peace of mind or laughter, instead of asking yourself what will make you happy.

2.     Be a morning person.

Morning routines make people more successful and happier, so make sure you jumpstart your day with a healthy breakfast, physical exercise, or a spiritual exercise.

3.     Never lie to yourself.

The key to releasing negative emotions lies in acknowledging them, not in lying to yourself.

4.     Connect with nature.

Lying, sitting, or walking in nature helps recharge and recuperate by alienating you from the busy and stressful modern day world.

5.     Keep meeting new people.

It is unlikely that everyone you meet will be a good influence, so it is important to meet a lot of people so that you can meet enough quality individuals.

6.     Practice meditation or mindful thinking.

These practices keep the mind healthy and fit, which is needed for continual happiness.  Even thinking to yourself for a few minutes daily works wonders.

7.     Stay fit.

A healthy and fit body is one-third of what is required to experience continual happiness.

8.     Don’t get overly comfortable.

The brain needs variety in order to release endorphins, so it is important to try out new things like meeting new people and traveling.

9.     It’s OK to be happy with being OK.

This is one of the key goals of happiness, meaning that being happy has become the standard for you.

10.  Vanquish negativity.

Stay away from negative people and anything that has a negative effect on you, whether it is a toxic relationship or a bad job.

11.  Don’t force positivity.

To be as positive as possible is something that we are constantly told, but the truth is that forcing it has an opposite effect.

12.  Make other people happy.

It has been scientifically proven that making other people happy is even more rewarding and enjoyable than receiving help and happiness from others.

13.  Don’t confuse happiness with accomplishment.

The key to ongoing happiness is being able to feel happy and fulfilled regardless of your achievements.

14.  Locate pockets of happiness through the day.

Find out what really makes you happy and break such an activity into smaller activities which can be done during the day.

15.  Strive for realistic joy.

Note that no matter how unhappy your life seems at times, the worst years of your life are probably better than the best ones of the majority of the population.  There is nothing bad about wanting success and happiness,  but make sure you strive for realistic things.

16.  Know your true desires.

If you are not striving for the things you really want,  achieving what you have been striving for  will not make you happy.  Make sure you figure out what will truly make you happy prior setting goals.

17.  Focus on the present.

Last but not least, the key to ongoing happiness lies in living in the present moment.  Let go of the past and stop daydreaming about the future, and focus on the present instead.