How to Stay Mentally Strong During Life’s Toughest Challenges

Let`s face it: We all go through difficult times during our lifetimes. Specifically, everyone`s mental strength will be eventually challenged, and when it isn’t strong enough, people will experience tension, stress, and self-doubt.  This will lead to negative thinking, which then results in negative feelings and behaviors.  To save yourself from this, follow the ABC formula presented below:

“A”: accept reality. Accepting doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you agree with it, rather that you have come to terms with it after looking at it from a realistic viewpoint. For example, you might be against racism, but you have to accept the idea that it does exist! Therefore, accepting reality actually involves identifying the things that are under your control, and control yourself after accepting the fact that some things are simply out of your control.

“B”: behave productively. Once you have come to terms with reality, you will do better at dealing with your thoughts and emotions, which will make your behaving productively more possible.  By making the right decisions, you will gain the ability to solve problems much more easily and quickly.  Make sure you avoid seeking pity and complaining, both of which make it difficult and even impossible to maintain mental strength.

“C”: control upsetting thoughts.  Letting yourself think about disturbing things too much only allows all of the negativity to hold you back.  To avoid this, create a mantra to repeat during difficult times. This will help you tune in positivity and tune out negativity.

Building mental strength is pretty much like building physical muscle.  You need to make yourself strong first, so that you can use that strength later. If not, the strength will simply not be there when you actually need to use it.  Just like you need to work out regularly in order to build physical muscle, you need to work out mentally regularly in order to build mental strength and  learn how to tune out negativity and tune in positivity.

Additional Tips:
  • Control: Don’t give away your power to others.
  • Acceptance: Don’t complain about things that aren’t under your control.
  • Emotional stability: Stay objective no matter what.
  • Perspective: Learn to keep things in proper perspective.
  • Preparation for challenges: Make sure you are prepared for all challenges. You need to have the resources to withstand all crises that you will eventually be facing.
  • Focus: Stay focused on the long-term outcomes to stay steady.
  • Self-validation: Make an effort to validate yourself.
  • Patience: Anything that is goo requires patience, hard work, and endurance.
  • Contentment: Stop being jealous of anyone`s partner, family,  house, or car.  Be grateful for the things you have instead.
  • Tenacity: Never give up.