9 Reasons To Fall In Love With A Spiritual Girl

Girls are present anywhere and anytime, whether it`s the mall, school, or your back yard. While it is generally believed that there is one girl to every boy, the reality is quite different. So, it turns out that this is not the best piece of advice in terms of dating after all.

Simply put, you will have your own preferences and opinions, so you will like who you like! Your preferences will lead you towards the kind of person that suits you. The chances are, you will be drawn to the spiritual-type-of-a- girl, which is completely fine. As a matter of fact, here are a few reasons to stick with a “spiritual” girl.

1. Her authenticity is just…amazing

Spiritual girls are straight shooters and extremely honest, even with their self.  A spiritual girl doesn’t bother with the things she does and whether or not they are right, she just is. Most girls tend to put up a false wall, but she is herself!

2. Everything has purpose and meaning to her

Nothing happens accidentally, so you and her were simply meant to meet.  She looks at life as a group of moments that should be cherished and manages to always learn something more, whether it`s from recalling past events or experiencing something worth experiencing it.

3. Everyone is lovable…So is life

She loves everyone and everything equally, regardless of whether it is her family, ex-lovers, friends, pets, or even plants! She accepts everyone and everything with all of her heart since they all have some relation to the beauty of this world.  She has the ability to recognize this beauty and will cherish if forever!

4. She takes the unknown in like an old friend

Most girls are scared of leaving their home without makeup.  But, the spiritual girl isn’t.  Most chicks would never even think of running half naked in the dawn and splashing in the sea, but she would.  She is not familiar with the things that tomorrow will bring, but she doesn’t care either.  She embraces the future and the unknown just like she does with someone she has known forever.

5. Her search for knowledge is insatiable

She always writing, questioning, reading…  Her hunger for knowledge is huge and she is always seeking the depths of her soul and mind. She simply has to learn more, to see how we all are connected, and how everything functions in this world we live in.

6. Her possessions are few

She is more focused on life experiences and making memories than on possessions, so there are few things she carries with her and keeps at home as her personal possessions.

7. Faith is something unshakable for her

She knows that there is both bad and good in life, so she never carries too much when something bad happens.  She is fully aware of the fact that life is changing and that each day has something new to offer in terms of learning and building her personality.  Faith and hope are unshakable for any spiritual girl.

8. Compassion is her middle name

She is extremely compassionate and feels for everyone and everything.  She believes that killing an insect is the same as stabbing a friend, simply because people, animals, and pets are equally important for her.

9. She is searching for peace

A spiritual girl is searching for both outer and inner peace and wants the world to be a peaceful and loving place.  She strives for love, honesty, and balance in anything she does.