How Society Kills Our Creativity & Forces Us To Fit Into “The System” (2 SHORT FILMS)

We live in a world which forces us to be constantly trying to keep it together. Our physical appearance, lifestyle, and attitudes are huge factors in how society perceives us.  We are pressured to perform high all the time, with little or no room to fall apart.

We have all experienced; life is not made of highs only. The lows pop up when we least expect it, and life often doesn’t give us the time and space to deal with the issues, physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Recently, The School of Life released a video which reveals something quite interesting regarding breakdowns. Called “The Sanity of Madness,” it uncovers the trouble with having to be “on” all the time.  No matter the mental blockages we have, the problems we are faced with, or how little sleep we get, we are taught to be at work on time without any excuses.

The video points at the obvious but often forgotten:  “No good life can or should go by without a few quite open incidents of complete breakdown. Moments when we pull up a white flag and declare ourselves simply unable to cope or fulfill any of our normal functions for a time.”

When these breakdowns occur, the people we are surrounded with might think that we have gone crazy. But, the video explains that this is completely normal and it should be regarded as a sign of health.

The form of the breakdown depends on the person.  For some people, it could be passive as starring at the ceiling, wearing unusual clothes, travelling to distant destinations, or making new, unusual friendships. “We allow our bodies to have moments of breakdown and rest. We should allow similar moments for our minds,” the video points out. So, we need to tolerate this behavior, rather than get upset over it.

As the video suggests, the emphasis should be how to have a good mental breakdown, meaning what to do in order to reconnect with the truths that our lives are warding us off from understanding.  “The idea is that we should return from the land of madness and plant in the fields of apparent sanity a lot of pretty valuable seeds that can bear fruit and sustain us,” the video suggests. “We are not automatons, but highly complicated, volatile collections of proteins that needs careful and sympathetic administration. We should expect that periods of madness just do belong to every wise and good life.”

How Society Kills Your Creativity – In An Award Winning Pixar-Esque Short Film

It seems like in the modern society we live in, we are constantly being how to live and behave. Our parents are the first ones to impose their beliefs onto us, and then comes the public school, in which most of our creative abilities are lost.

The school system prioritizes math, science, and memorization, while the gifts in the realm of music, art and poetry are not celebrated.  They are as important as the logical analytical ways of knowing and the system fails to recognize the fact that not all students fit into the same mould.

This video also tackles parenthood and the importance of letting go of the idea of a wanted outcome for your children and letting them find out for themselves what is they would want to do! Every parent wants the best for their children, but ‘the best’ is a relative thing and it doesn’t meant that our best is the best for them too.