I Am Slowly Learning To Walk Away From You

I am slowly learning to let go of the love that broke me to pieces.

The fact that I am choosing to end something instead of fighting to the end doesn’t mean that I am not strong.  It means that I am prioritizing myself instead of loving a person blindly and waiting for someone else to love me too.  It means that letting go of a toxic partner will help me find someone who does love and deserve me.  It means that I am closing a painful chapter of my life so a better one could start.

I don’t feel like I should give an explanation to a person who isn’t meant to be present in my life. I decide for myself and I don’t need to explain anything to anyone, except to myself.  My well being is my priority and I don’t need to care about what others think about me.

If I have to tell you to walk away from me, I will. I will do whatever it takes: delete your number and your old text messages.  I will dispose of all the presents, letters, and traces of you from my life.  I will tell everyone how we ended and ask them to no longer say your name when I am present.

I am slowly learning that not everyone is meant to be an important character in my life.  Some people are only passerby whose presence and influence is minimal.  When they do leave, there is no cause for regret or pain.

As they are the lessons that make me stronger and more resilient.  They are the reasons why I believe that everything happens for a reason and that a good beginning comes after a painful loss.

I will remind myself that you are a great person, but simply unfit for me.  It will tell myself that I am doing the right thing for making space in my life for new things and people to come.  I will keep on living and focusing on my healing process.  I am learning to heal my heart instead of waiting for another person to save me.

In the darkest hour, I am learning to hold on onto the hope within me. I am learning to believe that I am strong enough to withstand everything.  I am slowly learning that I am the only one who can save myself and heal the broken heart I was left with.

I am slowly learning to have faith in myself and that whatever happens to me happens for a reason.  I am trusting that I am headed to the place that I am supposed to.  I am learning to be diligent, patient, and aware of the fact that recovery is difficult but worth the patience and the effort.

I am slowly learning that walking away is definitely the best thing I can do for myself.  As time passes by, I am starting to see why.