I Am Slowly Growing Into The Best Version Of Myself

Slowly but surely, I am learning to give love instead of holding it back. I am learning to give out more compliments.  I am making new friends.  I am using words like I love you and I miss you more.  I don’t let my fear of looking attached or obsessive to stop me from being kind.

I am slowly learning to pay attention to the little and seemingly insignificant things around me.  I am looking for small things to get excited, instead of looking forward to something big, like the next vacation.  I am trying to enjoy each and every day, instead of counting the days until weekend.  I am doing my best to enjoy life, instead of wishing for something that hasn’t come yet.

I am slowly learning to be more grateful for the things I have. To be more appreciative of the people around me. I am slowly learning to stop complaining.  I am learning to resist the urge to complain about things like being tired or stressed.  I am learning to push negativity out and keep the positives at front.

I am slowly learning to deal with my emotions better. To stop overreacting. To deal with them in a nontoxic way.  To calm down and breathe deeply, instead of feeling angry or embarrassed in a specific situation.  I am learning that the key lies in calmness. So, I am forcing myself to breathe deeply. To calm down. To relax.  Instead of reaching for a glass of wine when I want to forget about my problems,  I choose to sit down and face them.  Think about them. Deal with them.

I am slowly learning to take care of myself and my mental health.  I am learning to speak out when I want to say something instead of staying silent to avoid conflicts. I am learning that my emotions need to be expressed. That they deserve to be experienced. To be felt.

I am slowly learning to treat myself the same way I treat the people around me.  I have learned to stop comparing myself to others.  To stop insulting myself. To stop belittling myself. I have learned to stop acting like a burden to my loved ones. I have learned to stop punishing myself for things  I haven’t done.

Slowly but surely, I am growing into the best version of myself. The version that is confident. That is happy.  That loves both herself and the entire world. I am aware of the fact that I am going to face challenges and missteps along the way, but I am determined to treat myself better. To stop being hard on myself.  I am determined to pursue my personal growth and become the version of myself that makes me feel happy and fulfilled.