What Does The Size Of Your Pinky Finger Say About Your Personality?

Palmistry is a technique which reveals personality and character traits through studying the size, shape, and lines of the fingers and hands.  In ancient times, fortune tellers used this technique to determine the future of a person by looking at their hands/ fingers.

Palmistry`s history dates back to ancient Indian and Chinese astrology and Roma fortune-telling. Thanks to the ancient record of the frescoes in ruins in India, it becomes clear that palmistry was extremely popular in ancient India.  In China, it also has quite a long history. It prevailed ever since the Zhou Dynasty, which was about three thousand years ago.

The Major Lines

When it comes to palm reading, there are three major lines: the life line, the heart line, and the head line.  The life line starts between the index finger and the thumb and goes towards the base of the thumb.  The heart line, which reveals person`s emotional state, can also be a predictor of one`s health. Ultimately, the head line reveals person`s psychological makeup and intellectual development.

There are many minor lines which are important in regard to palm reading, including travel line, line of Mars, fate line, sun line, money line, ring of Saturn, bracelet line, ring of Solomon, ring of Mercury, and health line.

Fingernails are also important in terms of palm reading, as they tell a lot about person`s luck, health, and character. For instance, glossy and smooth fingernails which have moderate hardness indicate good health.

A good way to learn more about one`s character is to look at the height of the pinky finger. According to Palmists, the pinky finger can determine which kind of person you are depending on how long or short the finger is.  Pinky fingers can identify three types of people:  type A, type B, and type C.

pinky finger

Type A

You are a diligent worker, a bit eccentric and arrogant, but you cannot stand lies, dishonesty, and hypocrisy. You tend to keep your feelings guarded, but you are a good person with a big heart who wants to help others.

pinky finger

Type B

You are a little reserved and shy and you are rarely the first one to approach a person.  You have a sensitive soul and in relationships, you are devoted, loyal, and loving.  When you set your mind on something, you try hard and stay committed to fulfilling it. It is worth noting that you are scared of getting hurt and even though people believe that you don’t need anyone, you do need a soulmate.

 pinky finger

Type C

You are a person who feels uncomfortable with the unknown and who doesn’t like surprises. You respect other`s opinions and are open to new ideas, so you are quite open-minded. In regard to your problems, you typically keep them to yourself. You want to be surrounded with honest and loyal people, as you are a straight-shooter.  Ultimately, you are not someone who holds a grudge, so not much makes you upset and angry.