This Simple Image Test Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

The things you notice first in this image reveal quite a lot about your personality traits. As a matter of fact, this test in an example of the popular Rorschach test, a psychological test in which the participants perceptions of inkblots are analyzed in order to examine one`s emotional functioning and personality traits.

This method has been successfully used by researchers worldwide since the early 60s.  Most importantly, the psychological profile they manage to create using different images is incredibly accurate.

A psychologist describes his first experience with this test which took place way earlier, at the time when he was training to become a clinical psychologist.  The person doing the test showed him a couple of card containing inkblots, asking him to tell say what was the thing he noticed in each of them.  According to him, this seemed more of a tarot reading than doing a psychometric test. “However, when the test was scored and interpreted, it produced a scarily accurate profile of my personality. It knew things about me that even my mother didn’t know. I’ve been a fan, if a rather sceptical one, ever since, ” he adds.

After answering all of the given questions and giving answers like “bat” the tested manage to create an extremely accurate psychological profile of him.  As the psychologist himself notes, the tester knew so many personal things about him and his life, some of which his family members were unaware of.

While the image`s below results are not as precise as the ones from the professional Rorschach test, it still does tell some interesting facts about your personality.

Take a look at the image below quickly. Remember the first thing you see.

This Simple Image Test Reveals a Lot About Your Personality 1

If you saw an explosion…

If you saw an explosion, you are creative person with a highly developed imagination. If you are currently working on something uncreative, it might be the time for a switch, particularly if your current job is stressful.

If you saw two hands…

While your imagination is strong, all of your actions are based on logic. You are a rational individual with a sharp mind, so it`s no wonder that many people turn to you for advice.

The thing about you that most people truly respect is your ability to install calm in them and always manage to find a solution that works for everyone.

If you saw a tree…

You are quite observant and you simply know and see all!

Given that you are well aware of the feelings of your loved ones, you know when and what to ask.

If you saw nothing…

If you didn’t see anything, you need to take a vacation. Being unable to see something in the image means that you have lost your ability to perform tasks effectively as your brain is tired.