26 Simple But Empowering Things I Need To Remember Going Into My 26th Year

Here are a few things you need to remember going into your 26th year:

1.     No one can save you but yourself: This is a powerful truth that will help you become the person you were meant to be! No one can save you: not your parents, your partner, or your friends… Just you!

2.     Self-care gets tougher to practice as you get older and busier: As you get older, practicing self-care indeed becomes much more difficult.   This has to be changed as you cannot help others if you don’t help yourself first.

3.     Never underestimate the power of a tight hug from someone who loves you: Don’t be afraid to hug back too!

4.     You’re doing better than you think you are: You have to stop being so hard on yourself. You are doing your best and things will eventually work out!

5.     Gossip is cheap conversation: You will never feel good after having a cheap conversation like gossip.  Swap small talks for meaningful conversations and talking about ideas, books, and so on.

6.     It’s okay to still need your parents sometimes: They love you. You love them.  Needing them sometimes is completely normal.

7.     It’s okay to be alone sometimes: You don’t have to be surrounded by people all the time.

8.     A broken heart isn’t the worst thing in the world: You will survive this, as you always do!

9.     Love what you love and don’t feel bad about it: Unless it is hurting someone else or yourself.

10.  You know more than you think you do: Trust your intuition! Make your own decisions! Share your experiences!

11.  But you also know less than you think you do: It is okay to ask for help or piece of advice… Be the one who listens more sometimes.

12.  It’s okay to mess up: No one is perfect! Everyone messes up, so don’t worry about it.

13.  Slow down: Rushing will never get you to the right place.

14.  Sleep is one of the most important things you can prioritize: Don’t underestimate a good night`s sleep! Aim at getting at least 8 hours of rest.

15.  Don’t go to Target while you’re sad: Don’t spend money on things you don’t need.

16.  Taking a quick walk outdoors is always going to be a great way to refresh: There is nothing better than fresh air.

17.  It’s okay to stay in if you don’t want to go out: Staying in on a Saturday night doesn’t mean that you’re wasting “the best years of your life”

18.  Fake it till you make it is actually good advice: Even if you don’t that it isn’t a good advice, act like it is.

19.  It’s okay to keep certain things to yourself: Not everything has to be shared with your friends or family.

20.  Cold brew will always make you tweak out: Stop drinking it!

21.  Growth isn’t comfortable: It isn’t, but it will make you wiser and stronger.

22.  Angry texting will never, ever get you or the relationship anywhere: Having a conversation in person is preferred.

23.  You’re more resilient than you realize: Even if it doesn’t always look that way.

24.  If someone wants to leave your life, kindly hold the door open for them: Not everyone is meant to stay.

25.  Water while drinking actually will help with your hangover the next day:  Yes, don’t forget about water.

26.  It’s okay to log off:  Stop checking your email every five minutes!