7 Signs Someone You Met Is An Earth Angel

Angels are celestial entities, originating from a different Creation than ours.  As their origin is different, we are unable to puzzle them out.

Angels appear to humans by disguising themselves and transforming into humans or animals. Their purpose is to deliver a message and advise us.

Signs Someone You Met is an Earth Angel:

1.     Change of Heart

You might be feeling depressed or desperate… Then, out of the blue, a stranger comes and asks for directions.  You do your best to help! But, then you notice that their smile or the way they say thanks, make you feel different.

Indeed, angels don’t necessarily do something to help you. Their presence is enough to affect your feelings and change your heart.

2.     Awakening

You have been working all day.   You are exhausted from all the work and find it difficult to think of anything else, rather than your obligations.  But, something unusual happens! A lady standing opposite looks at you.  Amazingly, her look affects you in a strange way!

This woman managed to awaken a part of yourself by only looking at you.  Angels do have the ability to remind us of our purpose by making us recognize our divine origin.

3.     Senses Activated

You are done with work and you feel exhausted! While you walk back home, you see a homeless person in the streets and give them a few coins.  Suddenly, you notice that you are capable of catching more scent than you normally do.  A song gets stuck in your head…

Angels activate our senses!  Smelling, tasting, hearing… all senses are enhanced!

4.     You Feel Young Again

You may be feeling old for a very long time.  Doing the same boring tasks over and over again becomes depressing.   As you search for what you wanted in the grocery store, you ask for help.  A nice man offers to help you and says that he is looking for the same item.   And, you feel like this becomes fun.

5.     Confessing

A loved one passed away a few months ago and you cannot get over it.  There are mixed-up feelings deep inside your heart and you find it difficult to deal with them.

You meet a stranger in a shop who picks up items the person who passed away loved them.  And you suddenly want to open up and talk about it.

Angels are the Ultimate Confessors who have the ability to help us reveal what we hold deep in our hearts.

6.     Healing

You are ill for a long time now, and none of the doctors manages to find a solution for your problem. One day, you hear a stranger talking about the same condition and he seems to have a good idea.  And then you think: “Why haven’t I thought of it all this time?”

Angels are Great Healers whose presence promotes physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual health.

7.     Acceptance

You are gay your entire life, but your try to hide it. You are told that it is a sin and you get bullied…  One day you see a couple of young men walking by and kissing… It feels real and natural.

Angels are capable of manipulating time and space and bringing what they want you to see.