Numerology Indicates September As A Powerful Month. Heres What That Means For You!

As we are currently halfway through the cycle of zodiac signs, September is an important turning-point.  Put together the equinoctial point and you already have a new cycle of energy for everyone worldwide.

In numerology, number 9 (September`s month) is the only time when you are actually able to experience the Personal Year Number during the month.  Its energies help you learn more, gain more life experience, learn new life lessons, and prepare yourself for new adventures.

In order to determine your Personal Year Number, reduce the number to single digits and then add them together. For instance:

August 17 becomes 08/17


1+6=7, your Personal Year Number

Here is the significance of each Personal Year Number:


This is definitely a year of new beginnings, as many things have changed for you already.  Simply put, it is a year of letting your creativity and originality flow! Search in your soul, trust your instincts, and believe that this month will bring new insights.  This is the best time for your career!


A year of duality for you, leaving you quite confused about the things that you want or don’t want in life.  Luckily, September is an ideal month to make new friendships or look for a partner. It is a social month for you and useful for networking of any kind.  If you have felt overwhelmed and pulled in many directions, this is the best time to slow things down.


This year is the best time to learn how to express yourself the right way. If you are still carrying any emotional burden from the past, it is the month to let it go.  September`s energy will help you get rid of the things that have been stagnant and set on new endeavors. Retreats and travel are particularly suggested.


Bundle up loose ends, maybe by creating healthier boundaries or revisiting family wounds.  This year changed your life in many different ways.  September is ideal month when it comes to redecorating your home and workplace or revatilizing your feng shui.


This year has brought many changes in your attitude and beliefs, so you are sure about the things that will come next. September is perfect for creative protects and new, different tasks. You will experience increased intuition, make use of it with meditation and journaling.


The year has been quite restful for you and particularly positive for your health.  However, you should keep slowing down and patiently wait for what life has prepared for you.  Enjoy life and the little things that bring satisfaction. This month is ideal for meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices.


Wow! It has been a busy year for you in which you have experienced sort of spiritual awakening. September is the ideal time to put your plans into action as well as to take care of your soul and heart.


You feel fully prepared for what life has in store for you, as you have learned a lot from your experiences this year. You are fully equipped at this point, loaded with new talents and abilities. September is a good time for developing, so keep learning and standing up for yourself.


Just like this year has been full of constant ups and downs, September will keep reinforcing this back-and-forth energy.