Upcycling: 14 Ways to Repurpose and Actually Use Useless Stuff

What do you do with cans, cutlery, and bottles which are no longer useful? You dispose of them, don’t you? But, people are coming with unusual and creative ways to adapt these objects` use in a different purpose and turn them into useful stuff. . As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

14 Ideas from People Who Know How to Use Useless Stuff

This is upcycling at different level! After seeing these examples, you will definitely start repurposing the retired tennis rackets, old sets of cutleries, and empty bottles, and many more.

1. Place a mirror into an old tennis racket to make your own and creative hanging mirror.

2. Do you have an old, rusty rake collecting dust and dirt? Hang it on the wall to create a rustic-style wine glass holder. It looks amazing!

3. To take your at-home bar to the next level, hang empty bottles on a large metal hose over the counter. This is a great decoration!

4. What is better than cheese graters? Believe it or not, cheese grater lamps! Drill a hole through the center of the handle to accommodate the cord.  Sand the edges to remove the sharp edges. Tie a knot in the cord so that the bulb hangs down inside the grater and the slide the cord through the slot on the handle.

5. Repurpose the old ladder by turning it into a DIY bookshelf.

6. Turn your old drums into a mesmerizing chandelier.

7. Use your phone packaging (even better if it is a metal one) as a butter dish.

8. You have old tires lying in the garage and collecting dirt? Amazingly, you can use them as flower beds and spruce up your yard with them easily. They are both nice-looking and low maintenance.

9. Looking for a way to store your cords? Amazingly, someone got creative and took organization to new level! Just take a toilet paper roll and place the cords inside. This keeps them neat and untangled, and as an added bonus, you can write on the roll what appliance it belongs to.

10. Wanna make a DIY outdoor grill? All you need is an old washing machine.  Cut the drum in half,  remove  the legs attached to the drum, cut pieces of fence wire to fit the inside circle, and fix everything together.

11. Who would have thought that a shopping cart could be transformed into a lawn chair! Get a good shopping cart, remove the child seat, bent the end part of the cart down to the right angle for leg support,  attach the child seat to the end of the cart as an extension of the leg support,  and make arm rests by cutting the top horizontal frames on either side of the cart.

12. In case of a blackout, place a plastic cup over the flashlight on the phone! Voila, you get a nice lamp!

13. Use a D-link to carry a couple of bags at the same time!

14. Use old kitchenware to make nice candleholders. Use your creativity!