If You Often See Repeating Numbers, Here Is What It Means – It Is Not A Coincidence

When you see a clock showing the time and it happens to be the all the same number, such as 1:11 or 2:22, do you give it a serious consideration? Most people make a mental note of it, trying to remember the time most often when the numbers are repeating.  You are probably already familiar with some of the explanations for this “phenomenon,” such as the one suggesting that repeating numbers are sign from the Universe that is trying to get your attention.  If you frequently pause and take note of the time when numbers are reoccurring, the chances are your spirit guides or angels are trying to communicate you.

No matter which explanation you choose to believe in, whether it is numerology-based, the idea that certain times are associated to our spirit guides, or the idea that you should make a wish at the moment and it will come true, repeating numbers are undoubtedly visually pleasing. They appear neat, clean and favorable to both our eyes and mind, don’t they?

Another thing is for sure as well, repeating numbers are not a matter of chance. Read on to learn more about the meaning of repeating numbers.

The number 11, particularly in its binary 11:11, is the most powerful number. Seeing the numbers 11:11 means that your memory is activated. In other words, this stimulates your memory and reminds you of something you have forgotten. It serves as a divine intervention which suggests that you are on the right path and lined up with the Greater Reality. When this happens to you, stop for a second and ask for something, make a wish, or simply close your eyes.

Look around and look for the barrier between illusion and reality. You fill feel the connection between everything, which will help you see beyond, focus, and meditate.   Seeing the numbers 11:11 also means that you are ready to transcend duality to turn into oneness. The revelations you may have aren’t in the form of concepts or words, rather as a state of mind which opens your third chakra.

11 is manifestation of our birth, asking us to build a new structure in our lives and make the necessary changes in order to lead a life we have always dreamed of.

Master numbers have different meanings, each of them representing a different level of our spiritual journey. Each of them is a direct link to our souls, feelings, emotions, desires, and ideas.  They do have more potential and effect on our livers compared to other number combinations, so increased attention should be given to them.