Repeat These 14 Phrases to Yourself Whenever You Feel Depressed!

Depression is a mental disease which is more and more present these days. Its main characteristics are melancholy, bad mood and a general feeling of sadness. Due to these the person suffering from depression finds it really difficult doing the everyday activities and loses interest in everything even in the things he used to enjoy earlier. Depression has an impact on every part of the person`s life since it affects his thoughts, feelings, behavior and his health.

But, to be clear depression isn’t an acute feeling of sorrow and sadness. It lasts at least 6 months and sometimes it can last for years. The reasons for depression are different and it can`t be said for sure what causes depression. It is believed that genetics plays a big role as well as stress, lack of dopamine in the brain and traumas.

Today people usually take antidepressants like Xanax and Prozac to deal with depression, but back in the history before they were revealed people used phrases and mantras instead. People claimed that these mantras and phrases can improve a person`s mental health. If you are interested to find out which were those miraculous phrases continue reading the following text.

Repeat these 14 Phrases every time you feel depressed

–           Nothing lasts forever

Always repeat to yourself that no matter how hard it is, the pain will soon come to an end. As in the old saying, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Although it`s hard sometimes to change your thoughts remember that after some time they will change on their own.

–           I have the strength to change the things.

Depression isn’t a sign of weakness and asking for help is not something of which you should be ashamed. Confessing to yourself and to the others that you are suffering and that you need help is actually the best thing you can do and it shows how strong you are.

–           There is no threat to my life

If you are depressed you probably feel like your life is in a danger although you know that it isn’t true. Repeat this phrase to yourself to convince your mind that there is no need for fear.

–           I am worthy

Say this to yourself every day and be aware that you are really worthy and people like you for what you are.

–         I can feel my breathing

Whenever you feel anxiety focus on your breathing. Breath slowly, inhale and exhale and you will see how this breathing exercise will give you calmness.

–           I am a peaceful person.

The first step in fighting depression is finding inner peace. You should remind yourself to stay peaceful even in the worst situations.

–           The obstacles in my way only make me stronger and wiser.

We are sure that this phrase will help you overcome the difficulties that you might find in your way.

–           I will go step by step

Depression isn’t something that will disappear over the night. Dealing with depression will take time and repeating this will help you endure the hard period.

–           There is no life without suffering

Everyone suffers in his life, it is just a question of time. You can learn many things from suffering and it can make you a better and stronger person.

–           How I think and act influences my happiness and freedom

This will give you more freedom in your life. Acting well towards the people and things surrounding you will certainly make you feel better about yourself.

–           I will learn from my pain.

The only good thing about depression is that you can learn a lot from it. Analyze things, think about your pain and you will come out of this disease as a stronger and braver person.

–           I will show some compassion for myself.

Be aware of your problems and don’t ignore them. Think about them, this will help you find the way to solve them.

–           I will relieve myself from worries

Let go of your worries and don’t live in constant fear that some new problems might arise. Live for the moment and enjoy your life.

–           I will feel better.

Believing in better tomorrow will help you much and save you from despair and pain. Believing that you will feel better in the future will really make you feel better.