Remember Whenever You’re Losing Hope, God Is Always There

God is always there, no matter how tough the situation seems and despite how we react to our struggles and shortcomings.  He always meets us, no matter where we are. When He makes a promise, He will undoubtedly bring it into completion.

He is always in our middle, it is just His nature. Oftentimes, we need to instruct ourselves to see God more explicitly in times of despair and hopelessness, to see Him no matter what.  To never allow our dark thoughts, worries, and doubts darken our hearts. To never allow anything unhealthy grow bigger than out trust and faith in God.  To learn to see Him beyond and have faith that He will work things for our own good.

God is always generous! He knows our wishes, our desires, our needs, and our hearts, all according to His glory. He knows and honors our prayers and will fulfill them no matter what.

We need to believe firmly and hold on to His promises as He never fails.  Believe that He will fulfill these promises no matter what.  When all else fails, God will be there!

Bad things happen.

Bad things happen to everyone and this is beyond our control.  However, we can turn it all around and believe that it is God`s will, so He will work things out.

God still loves you.

God loves you no matter what. . “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose,” Romans 8:28.”

Another side.

“Whether we’re hit by an unexpected circumstance, suffering for doing something wrong or for resisting temptation and sin by doing what’s right, we have to go through things. But waiting for you on the other side of the hard times is the joy of obtaining the prize—the good result.”

God is there when we feel desperate or lack to strength to go on.  Summon the courage that God has given to you to carry on!

Think on good things.

Look for the blessings in your life when all seems lost. This doesn’t makes sense at first, but praising God does help you free of depression, anxiety, and despair.

You need to remember that whatever might be blocking God`s warmth from you, He will never leave you.  When you are faithless, He is faithful.  Let the distractions and focus on God, our creator.  Next time you don’t feel Him, re-examine your life and run to Him. HE IS ALWAYS THERE.