If They’re Not Doing These 8 Things Every Day, They Don’t Really Love You

We all have the same uppermost relationship goal: to be with them for the rest of our lives.  It doesn’t matter for long you have been together.  Oftentimes, we all need some sort of validation if our loved ones are bound to stay for a lifetime.  We want assurance that they do want to stay! If your loved one isn’t doing the following things, it is time to reconsider your choice.

1.     They send “Good morning” and “Good night” messages

Such messages never go out of fashion.  They are an effective way to turn on your partner, to let them know that you they are in your thoughts.   They are sign of consistency and commitment.

2.     They keep on doing funny ways to cheer us up

Whether we had a good or tough day, our partner is supposed to find ways to cheer us up.  They will tell dumb jokes or crack funny dance moves, anything to keep us smile.

3.     They update us with their whereabouts

They always update us with their whereabouts, without asking them to do so.  This is because our opinions are important for them and because they don’t want to leave questions in our minds.  After all, we deserve this kind of assurance.

4.     They listen to our rants

They basically read our minds! They know when we are sad, upset, irritated, or impressed with someone.  They are always willing to hear our stories, sentiments, and talks, giving us a wise piece of advice.

5.     Their “Hello” and “Goodbye” comes with a kiss

According to a 1980 study, men who kiss their wives prior leaving for work live longer, have a higher income, and get into fewer accidents.   Even if this is irrelevant,  kissing our partner before and after seeing each other is a good way to remind us they we are special.

6.     They check up on us from time to time

They check up on us, no matter how tight their schedule gets.  When something bad happens, they always are there to help us get back on the track. During a meal, they make sure that we won`t have any tummy trouble.   Simply put, they are pretty much like our guardians.

7.     They make us feel beautiful

They are constantly trying to make us feel beautiful, whether it is by showering us with compliments or telling us how much they love us when we are all natural.  This is one of the gifts that any relationships should have.

8.     They say “I love you.”

Even in the weirdest or most random moment, they will say “I love you.” Sometimes,  it will come while watching a movie on the couch or with a hug-from-the-back.  As simple it seems,  this will always make us feel good and loved.

After all, we all deserve to be loved, every single day. We deserve to feel it from the ones who hold the key to our hearts.