How to Regain Your Positive Energy When Things Are Getting Tough

Positive thinking focuses on positive outcomes! To engage in positive thinking, one has to be able to anticipate all of health, success, and happiness.  Note that nourishing optimism doesn’t equal ignoring negativity, but it means recognizing the negative and choosing to focus on the positive.

Here is how to regain your positive energy when things are getting tough:

1. Connect with nature

Connecting with nature boosts memory, reduces stress, and provides a sense of rejuvenation.

2. Be kind

Being kind and helping others enhances your own happiness as it allows you to see what others are going through.

3. Be gracious

Being gracious and appreciating the positive vibes around you will significantly increase your mental capabilities.

4. Take mental rests

Mental rests are of utmost importance, particularly when you are overwhelmed and need to recharge your batteries.

5. Laugh whenever possible (and appropriate)

Laughter provides a wide range of benefits, from boosting mood and reducing stress to boosting immunity and reducing pain.

6. Associate with other positive human beings

It has been scientifically shown that stress is contagious, and so are negativity and positivity.  So, it`s no wonder that associating with positive people will be more beneficial and productive.

7. Detect silver lining

Simply put, always realize positive aspects to negative circumstances or experiences. While will not always be true silver lining, it will be more often that you thought of.

8. Take deep breaths

Taking deep breaths has a calming effect, removes toxic air from the system, clears the mind, and it provides improved cognition.

9. Release negativity

Accept negativity, get the most positive out of it, release the negative aspects, and move on!

10. Talk to yourself—in a positive fashion

Talking to yourself strengthens the message and increases the chances of success.

11. Talk to good friends

Talking to good friends is the best way to hear your problems and release negativity.

12. Go for walk

It has been scientifically shown that walking helps lift the spirits, calm you down, and relax your senses.

13. Celebrate every victory

Celebrating every victory boosts positivity and puts a smile on your face.  However, this doesn’t mean that you should throw a party of each accomplishment.

14. Be spiritual

Neglecting your spirituality is one of the worst things you can do.  Both the body and mind cannot function properly if you are not spiritual, no matter if you eat healthy, get enough sleep, and exercise on a regular basis.

15. Always be present

If you are dwelling on the past or thinking about the future, you will not be able to focus on the present.  Thinking positively and being present is the key to boosting productivity and increasing happiness.

16. Indulge from time to time

While indulging is generally not healthy, indulging once in a while helps recharge mentally.

17. Take sick days

Take sick days even when you are not physically ill.

18. Keep a journal

As strange as it seems, keeping a journal helps you deal with negative emotions and get rid of them, probably by aiding in revealing the root cause of the issue.

19. Sleep well

It has been scientifically shown that lack of sleep negatively affects mental health. A team of researchers from the  University of Pennsylvania found that those who sleep less than five hours per night are more sad, angry, stressed, and tired.

20. Stay fit

Last but not least, exercising on a regular basis is not only beneficial for your physical, but your mental shape too. Studies done on depression and anxiety show that exercise reduces anxiety and improves mood.