16 Signs You’re An INFJ, The World’s Rarest Personality Type

INFJs are extremely gifted- and if you often get the feeling that you are different than the crowd or that you are not respected or valued for who you are, the chances are you are one!

These people can be quite complicated and even downright contradictory.  Are you an INFJ, the rarest personality type? In general, these 21 signs show that you might be one!

1. You felt different from the people in your surroundings from a very young age.

2. You want to dig deep and want to know that is truly happening with the people you care about, not just trivial things.

3. You can be both quiet and reserved as well as hilarious and charming, depending on the people you are with and your mood.

4. You rarely give advice, unless you are asked for it! Instead, you ask the person questions in order to help them understand the situation and come up with a solution. You want them to make the decision on their own, despite the fact that you already know which path they should take.

5. As much alone as you want to be, you cannot go on like that for too long. You enjoy the deep and meaningful conversations with your people, so you eventually feel the need to re-unite with them.

6. You are sensitive to others` actions and words, so you often cut people out in order to protect yourself.

7. You are constantly trying to make others happy, so it`s no wonder you often forget about your own happiness.

8. You are perceptive, understanding, and empathetic person who is always one step ahead of others in terms of reading people and understanding their feelings.

9. You feel like you were born and destined for so much more than working an ordinary job.

10. You feel like you have the potential to achieve more, so you are often secretly working on self-improvement tasks.

11. As discussed earlier, you are quite sensitive, so you feel bad when someone criticizes you. When you make people happy, they cannot be disappointed in you, so you often turn to people-pleasing as a means of protecting yourself.

12. You are capable of sensing the mood of a room when you walk in! Also, you absorb the emotions of those around you.

13. You want to be surrounded by beautiful things and are always attracted by high-quality items, foods, or clothes.

14. You tend to keep your real feelings to yourself.

15. You enjoy learning, particularly spirituality, self-improvement, and psychology.

16. You are considerate, thoughtful, and conscious.

17. When you are truly interested in something, it feels like nothing can stand on your way. “The impossible takes just a little bit longer,” is your motto.

18. You prefer epic topics like human nature and meaning of life to trivial things like gossiping or discussing celebrities.

19. You prefer having a loose plan for things than you do completely cringing it.

20. You often force yourself to get things done, so you write to-do lists and set new goals.

21. Others see you as spiritual, wise, and insightful and you enjoy this role as the “wise one.”