20 Common Things People Realize When They Quit Drinking Alcohol

Alcoholism is undoubtedly one of the most curious culturally conditioned behaviors we have adopted. The fact that it is extremely harmful to personal health is well-known.  What we also know is that it contributes to a wide range of societal problems, from drunk driving to violence.

Some people consider alcoholism a spiritual disease, and the consumption of spirits is a means of letting yourself to your inner demons.  Others, however, see alcoholism as a means of covering up an emotional pain and personal trauma.

What to social drinkers and outright alcoholics see when they quit drinking alcohol, and what can the remarks of newly sober people tell about the sickness affection our society?

Here is a list of 20 things people realize when they quit alcohol:

1. The first thing people notice is an improvement in overall physical health, including weight loss, improved digestion, clearer skin, and less fatigue.

2. Improvements in mental health include decreased stress, higher self-esteem, greater motivation, improved memory, better concentration, and increased sense of connection.

3. Improved sleep: they find it easier to fall asleep and feel more rested when they wake up.

4. They experience changes in their attitude towards others and become more empathetic.

5. They save a great deal of money.

6. They save plenty of time as they get their night-time and mornings back.

7. They learn that they don’t need to drink to have fun and enjoy. Many people realize that alcohol ruins social relationships instead of strengthening them.

8. They realize that drinking alcohol doesn’t help solve problems, but rather makes them worse.

9. They start to see themselves for who they are, not using alcohol as a mask. This can be both illuminating and unexpected, as they are virtually forced to accept both good and bad aspects of their personality.

10. They find that they have fewer regrets when they quit drinking alcohol. They stop doing risky and stupid things and are able to get more from life.

11. The quitting itself can be both hard and easy. The first step is the most challenging, as the cravings are tremendous. But, things become much easier as soon as they experience sobriety.

12. They realize that after consuming even a tiny amount of alcohol they feel lethargic and dizzy.

13. They realize that not drinking alcohol allows them to experience a greater level of consciousness and spiritual awareness in their lives.

14. They opt for better foods, take more exercise, sleep better, drink more water, and make healthier choices in general.

15. Alcohol is the least interesting substance compared to other mind-altering substances used to alter consciousness.

16. They realize that alcoholism in as environmental disorder, which means that it is easy to not drink once you make a reasoned change to your environment, the people you hang out with and the ones you work with.

17. They realize that alcohol drinkers can be as toxic as substances.

18. They realize that alcohol fueled conversations are superficial, boring, and ego-driven.

19. They realize that people act like assholes when they drink.

20. They realize that people who drink are quite judgmental towards non-drinkers.