Sometimes We Don’t End up with the Person We Love Because Life Has Different Plans for Us

Oftentimes it is extremely difficult to admit that the one you love wants different things than you do, and it is even more difficult to come to terms with this when that person obviously loves you too. It is quite tempting to try to be pleased with living a life and settling down with this person- even if this means settling in other important ways as well. But, sooner or later every person is forced to follow their own passions, purposes, and desires in life, even if it doesn’t take place for years or decades.

As referred to, although this can be quite painful to accept, the sooner these facts are accepted the sooner healing can start.  In situations like the aforementioned one, both people will be happier and more fulfilled in the long run if they start looking for a person who has the ability to provide them with what they need and desire as opposed to staying in a relationship that will, unfortunately, never be adequate.  It is tempting to hope for fortune or fate to get involved- like in a good novel or a movie- and ultimately resolve the current problems or fix the person, miraculously.  However, it is often far wiser to refuse temptations rather than chasing them.

In reality, a relationship doesn’t evolve as ideally as in novels or movies, but if you take matters in your own hand and become the author of your own life and happiness, attaining a happily ever after the scenario is possible.  Once you have the right viewpoint, it is virtually impossible not to acknowledge all the love in the world that surrounds you on a daily basis. To perceive life in this way, one needs to realize that past words, memories, words, love, and experiences are all of utmost importance regardless of whether the relationships and individuals you associate with do stay in your life or not.

You need to accept that all of the things above have contributed to changing you into the person you are TODAY, and that gives them significance and true value. What is more, all those things have affected your perception of life and living as well as of who you really want to love and live with for the rest of your life. With this being said, it becomes more than clear that the past should be appreciated and its effect on your present and future should be acknowledged. But, make sure you also focus on evolving yourself for the future, meaning focusing most of all on taking action in the present moment for short term and long term love, peacefulness, and happiness.

Bottom line is, we sometimes don’t end up with the person we love. But, this is more than okay though, given that life has different plans for us and it is far better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.