The REAL Reason Empaths Act So Strange Around Inauthentic People Empaths

Life is quite tough for empaths most of the time, but when they are forced to be in the presence of inauthentic people, things get pretty much unbearable.  As a matter of fact, the worst type of person for an empath to be with is someone who is fake; as such a person induces extremely strong reaction in the empath.

Given that empaths both comprehend and share the feelings of others, they literally feel others` emotions and carry them on their own shoulders.  Therefore, if the other feels depressed or anxious, they are instantly brought down as they take down these undesirable states.  Simply put, empaths resemble emotional sponges that soak up everything around them and process what means for them as well as for the individual giving off the vibes in the first place.

In regards to inauthentic people, empaths often start feeling ill after conversing with such individuals, even before they see that the person is not genuine.  They are often left emotionally drained, uncomfortable, and helpess when they are around that person.

It is simple to understand why empaths act strange under such circumstances. Not only do they react severely to others` emotions, but they deeply react to others` body language and energies.  In such situations, they are forced to pretend that they are not aware of the situation in order to avoid embarrassing the other.

Here are a few specific situations in which empaths react strangely:

  1. When someone pretends to be happy and content, but is actually feeling sad.
  2. When someone acts like a real pushover in order to be accepted by others.
  3. When someone pretends to be tough in order to hide their vulnerability.
  4. When someone virtually forces an empath to deceive another person in a given manner.
  5. When someone tells lies in order to be accepted by others.
  6. When someone lies without any specific reason.

In addition, it is typical for empaths to react strangely after experiencing the following:

  1. They do their best to stay away from inauthentic individuals as their vibes are bad and even debilitating.
  2. They are often unable to articulate properly as they cannot be honest as they desire.
  3. If they are not able to cut the interaction short, they are likely to breakdown in various ways.
  4. They are likely to vomit if they cannot cut the interaction short.
  5. They often leave after a couple of minutes of conversing, anything more than that would be mentally and physically.

The bottom line is that empaths often act fake in order to protect themselves ad deal with the situation.  Any interaction with an inauthentic individual is difficult for them, leaving them drained, both physically and emotionally.  So,  being genuine and sticking to your authentic personality will extremely help the empaths around you.