When One Chapter Of Your Story Closes, A Beautiful One Will Always Open Next

Saying goodbye to people who touched your heart can be quite melancholic. Leaving is always difficult, particularly when you have given so much of your feelings to your partner. It is sad to think of the bonds that you have developed with each other for so long will end in one hug, one kiss, or one word.

When you bid your farewell with people, the chances are things will change and the promises you made will be broken. You will change too, as you will go to another place and meet new people. You will have new dreams, new goals, and the things that made you happy will be eventually outgrown and changed with other things.  Ultimately, the people you left behind will become strangers to you.

As sad as it seems, this is part of life! You will have to say goodbye to some people now and then.  You have to experience painful goodbyes.  You have to leave the ones you love or hold dear.  Often, you will have to go anywhere else and explore a new place.  The best way to recover from this painful experience is to simply acknowledge the fact that no relationship is eternal.

Once a chapter of your life closes, a new, beautiful one is waiting for you.  While endings are never easy, you will eventually learn to stop recalling the past and be enthusiastic about what is yet to come. You will learn to stand on your feet, see the good things about new beginnings, and cherish temporary friendships.

Endings help you learn how to build deeper connections with others as you will never know when will be your last meeting.  They teach you how to cherish the people who truly care for you and esteem them for helping you achieve your goals and never stopping believing in you.  As a matter of fact, endings help you remember that your time on Earth shouldn’t be taken for granted.

As time passes by and you gain more experience in leaving, you will understand that you cannot ask people to be with all the time.  You simply cannot ask them to stay forever and expect them to be satisfied at the position you put them into.

People have dreams, goals, and ambitions which can differ from yours. When they are ready to chase these dreams, they will leave and embark on their own adventures.  It might be difficult for them to leave and part with you, but they understand that it is the right thing that should be done in order for you to prosper.

The bottom line is that endings are something that you will come by very often.  Eventually, you have to learn to get used to them and find a way to move on and recover afterwards.  You need to have the ability to be positive that you are going to be okay even when you are surrounded with unfamiliar faces.

The best part about closing a chapter of your story is that a new, beautiful one will always open next!