New Study: People Who Swear, Stay Up Late, and Are Messy are More Intelligent

If you have an untidy and dirty room, you have trouble getting to bed earlier, and you tend to have a dirtier mouth, you are probably harassed by your parents or partner to change these aspects of yourself. However, you are lucky though! It turns out that these undesirable qualities are signs of intelligence.

Profanity Correlates with Higher IQ Scores

“People who swear all the time are just too dumb to think of a better word to use!”

Whether you swear on a regular basis or save cursing for when you get stuck in traffic, you have probably heard a version of this before. However, studies show that this is not the case!

It turns out that swear word fluency is related to general word fluency, and those who spit out a greater number of swear words in a minute tend to have higher IQ scores.  There is almost identical link with those who enjoy old-fashioned humor along with their swear words, except for the female-sex-related insults.

Staying Up Late is an Evolutionary Sign of Intelligence

Human beings are unique species of mammals for a variety of reasons, one of which is their tendency to neglect the circadian rhythm and go to bed and wake up whenever they feel like it. Of course, this wasn’t the case with our ancestors!

For them, not only was useless, but staying up late was also dangerous.  It simply didn’t make sense, and for two obvious reasons.  First, given that they relied on sight to do literally anything, nothing could be done at night. Secondly, lack of night vision made them vulnerable to predators.

The invention of fire and then the light sources was the ultimate changer for humans. Interestingly enough, scientists claimed that more intelligent people stay up after dark compared to their less intelligent counterparts. Fundamentally, intelligent people sleep less.

This was confirmed by a study involving a large group of young Americans and based on assessing their sleep habits.  It was shown that those with a childhood IQ of less than 75 went to bed earlier compared to those with a childhood IQ of at least 125.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are the next Nikola Tesla or Albert Einstein if you stay up late getting in Internet fights.

Geniuses Have Messier Desks

Given that intelligent people spend most of their time thinking and inventing, it`s no wonder that they don’t have the time to clean and de-clutter their space. In fact, messy environments are signs of creative work environment.  They are the source of innovative solutions, as opposed to organized work space which is associated with avoiding risks and encouraging convention.

In addition, a study shows that smart people get bored easily and spend more time thinking, so they are inherently active.