Most Men Can’t Handle a Deep Woman – Here’s Why

It seems that the deeper you are as a person, the more challenging it is for you to find a true, long-lasting love. Specifically, it is difficult for deep women to find a man who can genuinely make them successful, happy, and fulfilled.  Read on to learn more about the details and reasons behind this truth:

1. Deep intensity

Deep women are intense, which can be quite forward or terrifying for men to deal with.  However, if you aren’t willing to act seriously or to stay focused on your partner, what is the point in the first place?

2. Deep love

If a deep woman doesn’t love you genuinely or if you don’t love her as deeply as she needs to be loved, then she will give you the option to walk away for good or be good friends.  But, staying in a good relationship with her is not an option!

3. Deep questions

Deep women are not into small talk or insignificant conversations.  As deep women, they are into deep questions and genuinely interested about their partner`s life plans and goals. The bad news is that most men haven’t even considered where they would to end up in life.

4. Deep relationships

Just like deep women want to know who their partners are and what they want to become in life, they want to know what their relationships are too.  Unfortunately, many men rarely consider these things.

5. Consistency is demanded

Deep women require consistency from their partners, so they cannot stand breaking any promises or being unstable and unreliable. If you cannot stay consistent, she will look elsewhere for love.

6. No waiting

If you don’t love a deep woman from the very beginning,  you won`t love her once you get to know her better neither.  So, she will look for someone who can genuinely love her from the moment he gets to know her.  Waiting is not an option for deep women!

7. Precise desires

Deep women have precise desires: they know what they want and who they want.  This makes it quite difficult for men, as they cannot handle such women or simply don’t want to complicate their lives.

8. Utter honesty

Advice is extremely important , and deep women are fully aware of its importance.  They do understand that they have to deliver honest advice at all costs.  Unfortunately, most men are not interested in heating the truth.

9. Open intimacy

This means open honesty and not hiding any true feelings or emotions. Needless to say, this scares many men and brings the relationship to an end.

10. “Telepathic” abilities

Deep women are capable of scrutinizing gestures, actions, and words to then use deductive reasoning to find out truths which have been withheld.

Bottom line is that deep woman are often misunderstood as they are different and really amazing. People are generally bad at understanding and keeping what is different, so it`s no wonder that most men cannot handle these women.