What It Means to Be Loyal to Yourself and Why We All Need to Do It

Are you loyal to yourself? As a matter of fact, have you ever wondered what it means to be loyal to yourself? Does it mean that you are selfish?

Once you start thinking about and recognizing its worth, you will realize that it is actually the basis for a peaceful and happier life.

1. When you’re loyal to yourself, you take the time to know yourself

We are typically great at knowing the people we are surrounded with, whether it is our partner, our kids, or our boss.  We somehow give priority to others and rarely think about the things that brings us joy.

You don’t have to be an egoist who puts his own happiness first at all costs, but you do need to find the time to think about the ways you spend your energy.  Usually it seems that everyone else is the priority and comes ahead of us.  Being truly loyal to yourself means that you are aware of the things that make you happy and you make sure you get enough of them.

For instance, if you are an introvert, being loyal to yourself means that you will refuse social opportunities that drain you instead of behaving like an extrovert.

2. You like yourself!

Most people dislike themselves as they are simply harder on themselves than they would be on anyone else.  Being loyal to yourself means that you are treating yourself kindly and gently, encouraging and congratulating yourself all the time.

While this might seem difficult to do this, the truth is that everyone can summon up the courage to give themselves this kind of motivating treatment.

3. You honor your own feelings

We are quite sensitive when it comes to others` feelings and tend to minimize our own.  Honoring your own feelings doesn’t mean that you are acting them out, rather that you pay attention to them and care about them at least as much as others` feelings. The major problem regarding prioritizing others` feelings is that we need to guess about them.  Luckily, there are people without any hidden agendas to figure out, so there is no need to try to guess about their feelings.  These people are genuine, honest, and straightforward with their feelings.

4. This honesty also allows you to be a more authentic version of yourself

When you are concerned so much about the way others perceive you,  you cannot show them who you truly are.  Not everyone will like you, but those who do will like you for your authenticity, nit the made up version.

We lose a lot when we switch authenticity for social approval, including our zest for life, our spontaneity, taste, confidence, and own judgment.

5. You give other people permission to be loyal to themselves as well

Giving permission to others to be loyal to themselves makes the world a better place.   This is exactly what we are born for- creating a relationship in which the two people are being their true self.

We show other people how to behave with us by the way we treat ourselves. When you are loyal to yourself, you respect and honor your feelings, and behave in an authentic way-  you give others the foundation for honesty and love in any relationship.