Maybe You Should Date Someone Who Actually Likes You

This line probably seems bizarre, doesn’t it? But, read on!

There are many people out there go date people who obviously don’t like them that much.  They do like them when hanging out with them out of boredom, when they are in their bed, or when they are listening when it is convenient. However, it all adds up to it, the partner doesn’t like them much at all.


Think about your last partner, the person you were really into. The one who was fun, consistent, reliable, you had a great connection with, and who meant the world to you.  The one you didn’t have to apologize to or make excuses for. The one who didn’t cause any self-doubt nor had you doubting what they said or the way they felt.

Think about the way you treat this person.  Did you cancel plans or re-schedule at the last minute because there was something better to do? Did you have plans and not even show up? Have you ever left them hanging on with no contact until 3 a.m when you would call them to see whether they are up? Did you blow them off as you were too busy doing your thing? Did you act indifferent and distant until you needed some action?

You probably didn’t…  Why? Because you liked them.  Simple as that!

The truth is that you don’t treat someone badly when you genuinely care. You care for them, respect their feelings, and prioritize them!  You show up, never leave them waiting, you don’t act aloof, and you don’t ignore them.  Simply put, you don’t play games with their mind!

If a person shows lack of respect for you, insults you, or acts like they don’t care, the chances are they don’t.  If you feel like your role in their life is uncertain and you cannot discuss the way they are treating you and tell them you are not okay with it, it is a sign that the time has come to move on.

This can be quite difficult, and there is no need to even discuss it. Making excuses for someone as you simply want them to stay so bad is difficult.  Being disrespected or taken for granted is difficult.  Being unable to speak your mind and tell the truth is difficult and painful. The fear of realizing that they aren’t into you is unbearable.  Ultimately, the fear that if you whispered that you wanted something would ruin everything and push him away is more than difficult.

However, letting go of people who don’t like us is primarily liberating.  Letting go of a person who doesn’t like you and you are only wasting your time with feels like a win, doesn’t it?

Bottom line is that it better to be alone until you a find a person who actually likes you and cares for you. A person who shows up,  who remembers every single detail about you, who loves you, who listens to you, who is there when needed… A person who is kind, understanding, and loving.