We Can Choose Different Ways Without One of Us Being Wrong

Many people are fully dedicated to a journey of growth and change. As much great these traits seem, they have a darker side too.

As we commit to making changes in our lives, our views begin to narrow and we sort of forget there is more than one way to do anything. Instead of looking for other ways, we seek people who agree with us. We basically seek a tribe!

Being surrounded with people who share our passion is a great thing. After all, there is nothing better than having such a person by your side and talking about the mutual passions. Being part of a tribe is really invigorating.

But, being in a tribe can also twist our perspective, as it provides hearing and seeing a biased view only. As we look for clarity, we lose objectivity. Becoming stiff as we seek hacks and methods. In other words, both of these traits make us think that our way is the only way.

Your Journey is Your Journey

There is no need to complicate things, as personal journeys should be PERSONAL! There is no need to compete with anyone, and even if we have to, we should compete with ourselves.

You can consider yourself a minimalist, but owning less than your co-worker, your neighbor, or your friend doesn’t make you a better person.

You can consider yourself a mindfulness individual who is committed to regular meditation, but not everyone has to practice meditation to be mindful. Also, not everyone who meditates on a daily basis is mindful.

You can choose to follow a vegetarian diet without bashing vegetarians.  People can and do live on many different diets.

You can choose to follow a religion that fits you, but you can do this without judging those who follow a different religion than you.

You can choose to strengthen your body by pushing weights, but it is completely fine if someone chooses to do this by lifting their body.

You can choose to do things secretly or share what is going on with you with others so that you can motivate them to follow your path.  If you choose the latter, make sure you don’t drop a degree of superiority!

Bottom Line

Follow your own passions in life and enjoy them to the fullest, but be aware that others are as passionate and enthusiastic about their own passions.  Leave the doctrine behind and keep reminding yourself that your way is not the only way.  After all, there are many paths to the top of the mountain.