Why Loners Are The Most Loyal And Intellectual People You Will Ever Meet

How would you describe a loner? Maybe a solitary, socially shinning, and self-sufficient person? If yes, you couldn’t be more right. Loners are generally described as individuals who prefer not to associate with others. Simply but, they feel comfortable being themselves, alone with their own company.

Consequently, they had a pretty bad reputation, probably because they aren’t extroverted or bothered by having an active social life.  However, this doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with these people or that they need help in socializing.  To make things clear, let`s go through the two types of loners:

  • Extroverted loner ( a person who doesn’t have any problem making friends or being social, but prefers to be alone): Extroverted loners can make great friends, as after all, they would rather spend time alone, so if they choose to spend their time with you, it means that they do like you and feel comfortable in your company. They don’t hang with anyone!
  • Introverted loner ( a person who feels safer by being alone): An introverted loner cannot stand crowds and large social gatherings, so they prefer online communities as opposed to bars or concert venues.  They do need human interaction, but choose to pursue it in a different way.

If there is one thing to learn from this article, it is that there is a huge difference between being a loner and being lonely. As a matter of fact, these two things have nothing in common.  There are countless reasons for a person to prefer solitude, so if you are starting to notice any signs of being a loner, don’t worry about it at all.  There is nothing wrong in not having an entourage of people around you.  You are simply a person who enjoys their own company and expands their knowledge through reading a good book, for instance.  The time others spend in socializing, you spend in alone, focusing on yourself and your thoughts. So, what you need to do is to embrace this difference.

In addition, loyalty and intelligence turn out to be your greatest personality traits. So, choose your friends very wisely and don’t fear of having to say “no” to a person who invites you out, whether it is a concert or a night out in the bar.

The bottom line is that loners are indeed the most loyal friends and far more intelligent than the average human being.  If they choose to let you be a part of their life, you should be more than happy for having a loyal and smart friend who enriches your life in every aspect.  And, if you are a loner, be proud of your humanity, loyalty, and intelligence.