This Is Why the Most Intelligent Girls Overthink Everything

Intelligent women have numerous ideas and thoughts flowing through their minds at all times. In fact, even when they are relaxing or trying to relax, they still stress about some trivial issues simultaneously. But, this is the price a person has to pay for having a brain which functions non-stop, without “off” switch.  In most cases, making wise and intelligent decisions requires what most people consider as “overthinking.” This happens even if the decision or any given issue at the given moment isn’t complex for an average person.

And really, it is more than necessary for intelligent females to think about various potential decisions for each and every decision that has to be made. In addition, the outcome, results, and the consequences of any decision have to be considered.  Brilliance is about dedicating the energy and time which is needed just as it is about natural talent and ability.  Due to overthinking, intelligent women are rarely surprised when any inconvenience or a challenge occurs, and they are more than great at adjusting to changing situations and circumstances as a result of this.  Overthinking makes them more verbally intelligent as well. Namely, a penchant for worrying ― which is common for overthinkers ― is associated with more verbal intelligence, according to as study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

Furthermore, when an intelligent woman is properly prepared for the journey called life, she has the ability to take control over her life and controlling whether or not she meets significant resistance. Among a wide range of other things, knowing what you want in life, where you are headed to, and who you are likely to meet along the way, is a good practice.  If an intelligent woman ever found herself feeling unprepared, she would feel foolish. So, things like this should be avoided at all costs.

Intelligent women are often perceptive students of literature as their micro-analyzing and over-analyzing skills are ideal for these tasks. In addition, these women are like professional body language interpreters, and they find it easy to detect dishonesty and deception in person`s eyes or voice.  As it was to be expected, this often leads to more than a little self-consciousness. However, intelligent women are capable of learning from these unpleasant situations and then utilize the feelings to their own advantage as soon as they regain their energy.

Specifically, intelligent women rarely do foolish things like falling in love with a person who will never love them the way they desire to be loved, or like staying in a career that doesn’t fulfill them both personally and professionally.  Generally, they avoid being in a situation that will never fulfill them the way they need to be at peace and happy.  Intelligent women are extremely pleased with the fact that they are great at caring and supporting for themselves and the people who are worthy of their energy, love, and time. Needless to say, they should be well pleased with this, shouldn’t they?