Which Body Part Do You Wash First In The Shower? It Says A Lot About Your Personality!

We all have different routines regarding our hygiene.  Whether you wash your chest, face, or armpits first, we all begin somewhere.  Interestingly, this hygiene routine has a deeper meaning than you ever thought.

So, did you know that the body part you wash first in the shower tells a lot about your personality traits?

CHEST: You are practical and straightforward person to whom convenience is of utmost importance.  You are impatient with those who don’t share the same opinions with you and you hate being distracted when focusing on something.  As for your love life, you match best with those who wash their hair first in the shower.

FACE:  You are ambitious and materialist person to whom dignity and integrity don’t really matter.  You take advantage of your friends and see on life as one big hassle. You are extremely self-centered, you don’t care about other people`s opinions about you, and this is why most people find it difficult to read and understand you. As for your love life, you match best with those who chose privates (see below).

ARMPITS: You are down to earth, hard-working, and generous person. The only problem regarding your personality is the fact that you are quite dependable, so many people consider you a liability. Your best partner in life will be those who chose shoulder (see below).

HAIR:  You are an artistic type who hangs out with fellow artists.  You are a daydreamer, but hard working and dedicated when it comes to fullfilling your goals.  Talent is your major strength as well as your ability to please your partner.  You match best with those who chose genitals and chest.

GENITALS:  You are shy person who lacks self-confidence.  Most people consider you dull, so you don’t have a large circle or friends.  You are weak and tend to give up very easily.  Sex allows you to show your inner strength, so you are an above average sex partner.  You match best with those who chose face and hair.

SHOULDER:  Unfortunately, you tend to fail over and over again, and people consider you a born loser.  Most of the people who fall under this category are heavy drinkers or gamblers. Power and money are of utmost importance for you, but luck keeps failing you and you always end up powerless and broke. As for your sex life, you make a lousy partner.


Well, you are an average person who is simply unaware of their inner strengths.  Although you are likable deep down, you need to learn to be more interesting, adventurous, and willing to make your strengths stand out! You make an average sex partner too, simply because you only fantasy about certain things but don’t make a step towards trying them out in reality.