The Honest Difference Between Loving Someone & Being In Love With Someone

If you have been in at least a few relationships, the chances are you have heard the phrase “I love you. I’m just not in love with you.” If you were the one receiving the statement, you probably thought it was a bowl of shit. If you were the one giving it, you perhaps didn’t even know what you were trying to stay.

Really, what could be the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone? Once the differentiation is made, does it seem that the end of the relationship is coming?

Love Is A General Word

Love is special in any given form! It seems like this term is quite overused these days, as we use it for virtually anything.  “I LOVE this shade of nail polish,” or oh, “I LOVE my man.” Most people don’t ever realize that love is a blessing and it means that a person has a certain level of attachment and affection. It is worth mentioning that “in love” doesn’t always grow to a point of loving someone.

“In Love” Speaks To Passion

Most people associate the word “passion’ with something sexual. Although having passionate feelings for a person does mean that you desire them in a sexual context, the truth is that there is more to it than only a sexual desire.

Passion means having an extremely powerful emotion towards a person.  When you are in love with one, the passion can be intense and virtually all-consuming.  You want to be with that person and build a life with them!

You Can Love And Not Even Interact With Each Other

Think about someone from your past. Maybe a person you were in love with.  Forward to now and the chances are you no longer interact.  Maybe you or they got married and staying in touch was not appropriate.  Maybe you simply went to different ways.  However, you still have love for that person! While some people believe that they can function this way, the next point explains why they cannot!

You Can’t Really Be “In Love” By Yourself

Being in love means mutuality! So, you cannot be in love with a person by yourself, as this sound more like an obsession.  You cannot be in love with a person who doesn’t care about you.

You are IN-LOVE with someone who is also IN-LOVE with you.

You can love a person, hoping that it will turn into a mutual love. However, if you are in love with a person who is not interested in you or who have said that they have platonic love for you only, you are in love with a dream that they may be in love with you too.  In most cases this is only a waste of time.

“In Love” Is ALL In

Love is an emotion! “In love” is supposed to be more than that.  People cannot “be in love by themselves” as “in love” is all about mutuality. Two people are in love as they do what love requires.  They have similar goals and they are in agreement about what they are trying to achieve.