8 Hobbies That Will Boost Your Intelligence

It has been long believed that humans are born with a certain level of intelligence and that they are forced to live up to their potential.  Interestingly, scientists have recently shown that there is a way to notably increase our potential- that is to boost our intelligence. We all know that learning new skills helps the brain create new neural pathways, so the fact that engaging in new activities and hobbies boosts intelligence doesn’t come as surprise.

8 Hobbies That Can Boost Your Intelligence

1. Learn how to play a musical instrument

Playing music increases language capabilities, math, motors skills, analytical skills, creativity, and intelligence.  Unlike other hobbies, playing musical instruments boosts corpus callosum by creating new connections.  An improved corpus callosum leads to improved brain function, problem-solving skills, memory, and executive skills.

2. Read a book

Reading provides numerous benefits, regardless of the genre you are reading.  It reduces stress and boosts all three types of intelligence- fluid, emotional, and crystallized. Therefore, this simple activity helps with problem –solving, understanding processes, responding to other people`s emotions, navigating everyday life, and finding patterns.

3. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is the best way to fill your cells with BDNF, a protein which boosts concentration, focus, learning, understanding, and memory. It has been scientifically shown that sitting for an extended period of time does the opposite.

Note: Occasional exercise will not do the trick!

4. Learn a foreign language

It has been scientifically shown that bilingual individuals find it easier to solve puzzles compared to those who speak only one language. Learning new language allows the brain to perform each mental task better, such as problem-solving or planning.   Interestingly, it turns out that learning a new language is the key to preparing your brain to take on a C-level job.

5. Try to test your cumulative learning

Whether it is in high school or college, students study a lot for their finals. However, the problem is that students typically forget things later on and if asked to recall the knowledge, the fail. One of the reasons why learning a new language boosts our intelligence is that it requires cumulative learning. Given that we are required to recall our knowledge of a language time and time again, the grammar and vocabulary are repeated numerous times.

6. Work out your brain

Video games, card games, Sudoku, riddles, and puzzles boost neuroplasticity, which in turn stimulates changes in neural pathways and synapses.  When the cells respond in alternative ways and increase neuroplasticity, we develop new perspectives and understand our emotions better.

7. Meditate

Mediation is a good way to focus on self-improvement on the mind and maximize your potential. Mediation is ideal for anyone who thinks they are looking for a way to boost their potential.

8. Play sports

Watching and playing sports is a good way to make new friends and socialize. Simply put, knowing the rivalries in an area is an easy way to connect with others and strike a conversation.