Here’s Why I’m Single (So You Can Stop Asking Me Already)

As we start to get older, more and more people begin to ask the most annoying question ever “Why are you still single?”

I am single because  I don’t want to settle for anything less than I have dreamed of my entire life.  I say no to settling for something less than exceptional

I am single because I am making myself a priority and work on improving myself before I can improve anyone else.

I am single because I am not willing to get my heart broken or break anyone`s else heart along the way.

I am single because I have many goals, plans, and ambitious that I am not willing to give up!

I am single because I want to achieve something big, without someone standing in my way.

Being in a relationship has nothing to do with success.  It doesn’t determine my fulfillment or happiness in life.  While being in a relationship is a good thing, it isn’t a measure of enjoyment or personal success.  If I am meant to be with someone, I will be.  If not, that is okay too.

SINGLE PEOPLE on the Benefits of Singledom

“You stay culturally relevant. So many people have never experienced the joy that is Tinder.”

“You don’t have to go to work events with your significant other where you know nobody and where there’s never enough alcohol.”

“The adventure of not knowing how your Saturday night will end. “

“I have an ex who, feeling disgruntled one evening, and to be fair had reason to be, leveled my herb garden and left me in the morning.”

“You can listen to the same Leonard Cohen album over and over for the entire winter without anyone yelling at you.”

“You will never in your single life be told how much ice cream is too much by your non-existent partner. Never. Not even once.”

“No guilt flirting.”

“Getting to know yourself and your habits.”

“Independence. Dating. Having sex with EVERYONE.”

“Going to the movies and never having to worry about finding two seats together.”

Bottom line is, being in a relationship can be nice and comforting, but also limiting! On the flip side, being single opens up a new world of freedom and endless possibilities.  So, stop worrying about being single and embrace the benefits of your singledom.

Feel free to flirt all you want, enjoy the wonders of dating apps, take up the whole bed any night of the week, be anyone you want on any given day, watch whatever you want after work, work on yourself, be completely selfish, travel, experiment, and so much more!