11 Unbelievable Habits of People Who Have Hidden Depression!

Do you think that depression is a current feeling of sadness, wearing black clothes and crying? If you answer to this question is yes, then you are completely wrong.

Depression is a far more serious state of mind that has a great impact on everyday life of the person suffering from it. As a medical illness, it affects person`s thoughts, emotions and behavior. It is not strange for people suffering from this illness to complain of being numb and exhausted all the time. The main problem with depression is that very often we can`t recognize people who suffer from it because they tend to hide it from the others. Depressed people may be active on social media, but at the same time, they avoid meeting with their family and friends. With this, they only get lonelier and more isolated and go further with their depression.

There are numerous reasons that can lead to depression but some of the most common are genetical predisposition, alcohol and drug consumption, a disorder in the brain chemicals, some past events that caused trauma, stressful life and so on.

If you are interested to find out whether you or someone close to you is suffering from depression you should read the following unbelievable habits or signs that might indicate depression:

Talent and expressiveness

It might sound a bit strange to you how can depression be related to talent and expressiveness, but it is a fact that the most brilliant works of art came out of sadness. The best music, poems, books and paintings were created by people who were suffering and were going through the worst period of their lives. Witnesses for this are remarkable people such as Robin Williams, Bill Hicks and Jim Carry. They talked to the public honestly about their mental illness and confessed that it made them feel things in a different way and be more expressive and emotional.

Expecting the worst.

Depressed people are always ready for the worst scenario. They are expecting that something bad will happen in every situation in their life which makes them tense.

Eating disorders

They can go all they long without food because they forget about food at all, or on the contrary, there are days when all they can think about is food. This eating disorder is a reflection of their emotional disorder.

Fear of abandonment

They are in constant fear that people might leave them without any particular reason. Which comes out of their emotional instability and loneliness

Searching for meaning

They don’t believe in anyone and doubt everything. They are trying to find secret meaning in things thinking that something might be hiding behind everything people say or do.


Depressed people can`t stop their minds from wandering around. It doesn’t matter whether they are thinking about some past event or things that might happen in the future their overthinking just can`t stop and it leads them to exhaustion.

Concealing feelings

As we already mentioned above these people seldom reveal their true feelings. They try as hard as they can to show people around them that they are feeling great. With this, they only push away people that might help them.

Building walls

With this, we don’t mean that people build walls literally, but figuratively they don’t allow people to come close to them and help them overcome their problem. Instead of this, they choose to be on their own believing that they can do everything by themselves.

Sleeping disorder

It is not strange that people going through a hard period in their lives have problems with sleeping. Similar to the eating disorder, sometimes depressed people go several days without sleeping and some days they can`t get out of bad.

Despaired need for help

Depressed people have an enormous need for help from other people although they don’t want to ask for it. Sharing emotions with others releases the soul, so if you are depressed or you recognize someone who is depressed don’t doubt ask for help!