How To Be Free From Karma And Addictive Behaviour

Do you know the true meaning of the word “karma”? According to Lama Thubten Yeshe, karma means ‘habit energy’.  When you are controlled by it, it is what Buddhist call being trapped in Samsara the wheel of suffering.  Addiction is another term for it.  However, there is yet another way of being, where you aren’t controlled by habit energy but moved by spontaneous intelligence instead.

The modern world is filled with addictions of all kinds, such as gambling addictions, sex additions, junk food addictions, and drug addictions. Most people have come into contact with any of them at certain point, so they can understand both the force and power of addicted behavior.

The first step towards freeing yourself from karma and addictive behavior is to understand that compulsive acting and chasing your desires is not the key to finding happiness. Enlightenment teaches people that there is a better way of being and that all it takes it a little bit of trust and faith.

Meditation helps break the cycle of habitual reaction and coming in contact with sensitivity of natural intelligence.  Taoist have referred to it as being in a ‘Flow’ – in tuned with universal forces, which is a universal way that has access to universal intelligence.

“Most people trust the thinking mind as their primary source of decisions. But the thinking mind is based on fixation on thoughts which creates karma and further connects the thinking mind with the subconscious conditioning. Many decisions are based on feelings wich are just a reproduction of some conditioning. There is another source of intelligent decisions; if we have learned in our meditation just to be open, cognizant and thought free we can remain in this bright space- still, yet awake and make decisions out of this cognizant clarity. It is pure knowing without any need for a thinking process to interfere. We just remain in this space and work spontaneously with whatever the present moment brings along,” as Buddhist practitioner Andrea Pema describes.

The key is to be fully aware of the difference between being controlled by habit energy and remaining in an open natural awareness. Habit initially feels comfortable, so moving outside karmic responses can be challenging as there is a period of stagnation, meaning staying away from the things that caused satisfaction in the first place.  As you train, you become familiar with a natural open awareness ( a natural way of being), which is full with love and harmony on its own, so you overcome compulsion and enter a natural state of enlightenment.

“An enlightened way of being can  be obtained through meditation; first putting a gap into your habitual reactions by being a detached witness. This naturally connects you with love and wisdom which are the natural fragrances of non-judgemental witnessing.”