Researchers Explain What Your Favorite Coffee Says About Your Personality

Have you ever thought about the relationship between coffee and psychology? Well, many researchers believe that your favorite coffee tells a lot about your personality.

Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a professor of psychology at California State University, Los Angeles did a study of 1,000 coffee drinkers, measuring several personality styles and psychological traits. What this study showed is that we might have much more in common with our favorite coffee than we thought.

However, this professor is not alone, either. There was yet another study on the topic, done by researchers at Harvard University who researched the biological connection with coffee. While researching this article, the writer comes up with a strong link between the way he takes his coffee and his personality. A moderate association was more than apparent in the people who he knew took their coffee.

Without further ado, here’s what your coffee says about your personality:

Black Coffee Drinkers: Simple, straightforward, quiet, moody

People whose favorite coffee is the popular black coffee were found to be more simple, simplistic, and patient.  In addition, they are more direct and the most straightforward and to the point.  For black coffee drinkers, minimalism is something they are fond of.

In addition, it was found that these people were moody and quiet.  They were found to be very ‘set in their ways’, resolute against any changes. Anti-social personalities were the most common in this particular group.

Espresso Drinkers: Bold, intense, well-traveled, pretentious

As much bitter as black coffee is, this is not enough for espresso fans.  The taste of this coffee is extremely strong and certainly not appealing for someone who enjoys sweeter tastes.

Espresso drinkers` personalities are a reflection of espresso`s properties. These people are forceful and bitter, yet excessive and pretentious.

Cappuccino/Frappuccino Drinkers: Trendsetting, adventurous, perfectionistic, sensitive

If you are fond of sweet and frothy varieties of coffee, the chances are you are an extrovert. You are also a trendsetter and adventurous individual.  But, there is one quite undermining trait about your personality though: you are an extreme perfectionist.

Ultimately, you are one of the most sensitive types, with a tendency to stress over trivial stuff.

Flavored Coffee Drinkers: Creative, imaginative, impulsive, stressed

Those who prefer flavored coffee are the ones sitting at the back of the classroom or office. They are inventors, artists, and daydreamers. They are actually the most creative out of all groups.

The problem with these people is that they are quite impulsive, like all great artists. It is very common for them to flare-up and reacts without thinking.

Decaf Drinkers: Cautious, observant, obsessive, controlling

Decaf drinkers are people who enjoy the taste rather than the effect. They are controlling individuals, who tend to control both themselves and others if needed. They are observant and tend to obsess about every tiny detail. Ultimately, they are prone to stress and worry, too.

Instant Coffee Drinkers: Ambitious, hardworking/laziness, procrastination

Instant coffee drinkers enjoy this type of coffee either as they are pressed for time and need an instant energy boost, or are simply lazy.

If you are in the first group, well done. However, if you belong to the latter, “try harder.”