Fall For Someone Who Loves You Exactly Like This

Love someone who is attracted to you.  Someone who loves your looks. Someone who loves every part of your body, no matter how many grey strands you have, how much weight you gain or lose, or how many wrinkles grace your face.

Love someone who treats you with respect. Someone who honors you when you are not around. Someone who holds you close in their heart at all times. Someone who thinks of you upon waking up and at bedtime.

Fall for someone who is prepared to fully commit to you. Someone who treats you well and takes you seriously. Someone who doesn’t consider you a one-night stand or only one of the countless options out there.  Someone who doesn’t leave you hoping, questioning, and wondering.

Love someone who is not scared of labels. Someone who embraces changing, growing, improving…

Love someone who is present in your company. Someone who feels good in your company and compares you to others.  Never wonders if the grass is greener with someone else.

Love someone who feels great in your company, be it on a fancy dinner or at home.  Someone who tucks you under a blanket when you fall asleep in the living room.  Someone who kisses you good night in the forehead.

Fall for someone who brings you breakfast in bed. Someone who brings you tea in your favorite mug.  Someone who treats you like a princess without any particular reason.

Love someone who says ‘we’, not ‘I’, because you are a team.

Love someone who doesn’t buy you expensive gifts, but opts for personalized gifts that speak to your heart.  Someone who knows you well and knows what would make you happy the most.

Love someone who reaches for your hand when you are walking around, so that they can feel closer to you. Someone who squeezes it gently to let you know that they feel happy for being in your company. To let you know that they appreciate every single moment spent with you.

Love someone who loves you and isn’t afraid to show it. Someone who introduces you to his friends and family with pride. Someone who does everything to demonstrate their respect and love.  Someone who is always there for you. Someone who loves you when you are doing great. Someone who loves you on your bad days and on the days you’re frustrated.

Love someone who is a good person. Someone who loves people and fights for them. Someone who fights for our rights and for those who are not heard.  Someone who is not afraid to stand up for people in need.  Someone who strives toward greater good.

Love someone who makes you feel like everything will be good in the end.