If You Experience Any of These 10 Signs You are the Carrier of Your Family Karma

Family karma is the karma of ancestral bloodline.  The “energetic blockages” will be carried in the karmic family birth all through the lifetime of the most spiritually developed family members, unless they release it.  The passing of energy could be done in various ways, either physically, energetically, verbally, or subconsciously.  For instance, having conflicts with your parents could be due to the energetic past experiences.

Simply put, the family patterns are handed down from ancestors, to great grandparents, grandparents, parents, then the children.  For instance, let`s say that your grandmother is extremely benign.  She took care of everyone to the point of being used by those around her.  Then, your mother grows into a woman who lacks focused attention and love, and these traditions of false truth and oppression get passed down to you.

10 Signs You Are The Carrier Of A Family Karma

  1. You are the most spiritually developed person in your family
  2. You feel different from the rest of your family members
  3. You are caught up in weird family matters and discussions very often
  4. You are aware of the recurring family pattern in your ancestors and are willing to change it
  5. You often get ill out of a sudden and sometimes if feels like you are carrying the burden of the entire world on your shoulders
  6. You worry that the family karma could negatively affect your family
  7. You worry that bad karma will be detrimental to all of you
  8. You wonder whether you are radiating the right vibes
  9. You are superstitious when it comes to karma
  10. You try to stay calm and not to get too overwhelmed when you notice that your karma could be improving

How To Cut The Energetic Cords?

In order to cut the energetic cords, you need to release them in your mind first.  Look within to determine to which extent you actually live by your parent`s rules. Once you manage to let this go, you will be able to leave the parental house.

Note that saying “no” to your parents` illusions and fears is seeing them as not identical to their own illusions and fears. Just like you, your parents are nothing but cosmic travelers who are trying to achieve their goals and fulfill their mission.

Ways to Transform your family’s energetic patterns

  • Understand the behavioral patterns and change them
  • Meditate and look within in order to get to the root of the problem
  • Choose to be your own master and karma carrier