Being positive and encouraging positivity in the workplace

First, Break All The Rules: What The World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently is a 1999 book based on 80,000 interviews with managers done by Gallup. The managers were asked 12 questions which were indicators of high performance.

The study found that across countries and industries the best performing managers answered a few of the questions positively. They were fully aware of their motivation while having mastery and autonomy. The key to obtaining this lies in positivity in the workplace which leads to productivity and enjoyment among staff.

Positivity driven motivation

Being the most important asset, employees require investment. Motivated staff performs better and organizes things more effectively. Motivation can be achieved only if the employees are given a voice, which allows them to feel they have a purpose in what they do.

Here are five tips on how to bring positive psychology to your workplace:

1. Regular Feedback

Employees who receive regular feedback feel much more engaged, which in turn leads to increased productivity. Open and regular communication is the key to making the employee feel appreciated. Giving transparent and clear feedback helps employees develop mastery and autonomy, the two major contributors to better motivation.

2. Empowerment

Those who feel that their voice is being heard perform their tasks much more efficiently compared to those who feel that they don’t have a voice.  The Web and app-based workforce management systems and other innovative tools help revolutionize the way business works. Intuitive communications modules and choosing when and what they want to work promoting better communication between employees and with management. This degree of empowerment creates a positive workplace and motivates the workforce.

3. Exercise

Regular exercise in the workplace has been shown to boost performance, whether it is after work cycle club or lunchtime yoga. According to studies at Ohio State University in the USA, low-impact yoga enhanced mindfulness in employees by 10 percent and lowered stress levels by up to 11 percent. Additionally, group exercise is ideal for team building. Positive teams always perform more efficiently and to higher standards.

4. Mentoring

Mentoring staff is vital for their continued development and creating the productive and successful environment. Monitoring actually works on multiple levels: it encourages reflection, boosts self-confidence, promotes professional development, and helps build healthy relationships between employees. Developing healthy relationships creates a positive workplace where employees can flourish and perform better.

5. Team Spirit

Developing a sense of integration among teams is of utmost importance as there is nothing better than feeling part of a greater whole. Everything employees do have to be done together, meaning that they need to function as a team. Good team spirit means investment and good support in those that make up the team in the first place. Building a healthy relationship and a team with strong team spirit is key to success.

Although negativity is contagious, so is positivity. It is much easier to stay positive when you are surrounded by positive individuals. While it would be great if your coworkers and manager also give to you, someone has to set the example first! It might as well be you!