Don’t Be Surprised When She No Longer Needs You, You Taught Her How To Be Alone

Don’t be surprised if your girlfriend turns around and leaves you. If you don’t treat her right she won`t miss you and won`t hesitate to leave you. If you don’t express your feelings she won`t know that you really care or if you don’t show her that you miss her and that you are happy to be with her, she won`t see the reason to stay in your life.

Also, you should not be stunned when she starts seeing her friends more often than she sees you. Her friends probably give her the support that she was trying in vain to find in you. They are probably listening to her and care about her feelings more than you. What is more, they won`t forget what she told them last night like you do.

Don’t be taken aback when she starts excluding you from her plans. You were saying no to all her suggestions for months or maybe even for years, why would she still ask you to do something with her? You were never there when she needed you the most, so she no longer plans her future with a person who doesn’t care for her. She will probably stop calling you in the mornings because no one wants to start the day with someone who always grumbles.

How could you ignore your girlfriend for years and still expect her to focus all her attention on you? She was probably hoping that you will change and that was the reason why she was putting up with you, but eventually, everything has its end.

One day she will remember how she lived her life before you and she will start reaching for it. She will realize that all she has with you are compromising and suffering. Doing everything for someone who does nothing for you is something that no one wishes for. You don’t deserve her and she will try to find someone who will show her how worthy she is. Someone who will show her that he really cares and that she is the world for him.

You should not be shocked when her passion disappears and she starts being cold towards you. She won`t look at you with eyes full of love, she will die out of love for you. If you don’t give her a reason to stay why would you be surprised when she leaves? You are the one who taught her not to care about you and not to miss you which in the end resulted with her no longer loving you.