You Don’t Know Who Your Girlfriend Truly Is until She’s Done These 8 Things

You might assume that you know everything about your partner, but the truth is, we change all the time.  Knowing and understanding each other well is the key to every successful relationship, so make sure you do know your partner pretty well!

This article focuses on the 8 things suggesting a man genuinely knows his girlfriend. In fact, no one knows who their girlfriend is until she has done these things. Check them out!

1. She goes “no-makeup” around you

No mascara, no concealer… not even a lip gloss! When your girlfriend goes “no-makeup” and feels comfortable doing so, she is revealing her true self and allowing you to witness the foundation of her true self.  Consequently, this is one of the things that make you love her more genuinely.

2. She reveals her deepest passions

If your partner is willing to reveal her deepest passions, most important dreams, and most significant dreams, there is no doubt that she is revealing her true, genuine self.

3. She reveals her deepest fears

Again, if your partner is sharing her fears and negative experiences with you, the chances are she is revealing her genuine self.  This is one of the strongest signs of love and trust, as not everyone is willing to reveal their fears, losses, and negative experiences.

4. She’s not embarrassed when she does something embarrassing in front of you

This means that she feels comfortable around you and is willing to reveal her true self.  This is one of the strongest and clearest signs indicating that your girlfriend is letting you know who she really is and that she is happy you will end up knowing everything about her in the upcoming years.

5. She reveals her raw emotions around you

If your partner reveals her raw emotions, this is another clear sign that she is being herself 100 percent of the time. In addition, she is likely to feel that letting her emotions escape around you is comforting and even therapeutic.

6. She’s open and honest about her past

If she is willing to reveal her past experiences, either negative or positive, it means that she really wants you to know her better. So, if your partner chooses to reveal certain things about her past and speak of them frankly, she is the one!

7. She enjoys spending time with you and her friends and family—all together

If your partner enjoys spending time with your family members, best friends, and other loved ones, you can be sure that they are themselves around you, too.

8. She copes through you by venting to you

Venting is neither sexy, appealing, attractive or enticing! Therefore, if your partner copes with you without any apparent reason, you can feel confident that they are honest and open with you.

In an ideal relationship, these things shouldn’t be an effort but the result of two people bonding together and being the best.