You Don’t Have To Chase Anyone Who Is Meant To Be In Your Life

Have you ever thought about whether or not a girl should chase a guy she is infatuated with? Some would say definitely not, others would say that maybe the guy need a little push and time to get to know the girl and fall in love with her. What is your opinion on this:  the girl should walk away or pressure the guy into a relationship?

When thinking about this, you realize how ironic and absurd this is.  On one hand, the guy might need more time to fall in love but on the flip side if the isn’t willing to make that time for her in the first place, what does it say?

Chasing isn’t fun! No one enjoys waiting for a text or call back not knowing the outcome, whether it will make them cry or laugh. No one enjoys making schedules and setting up dates like they are more enthusiastic about the meeting than the other side is about seeing them. No one likes continual trying and trying and feeling like their efforts are in vain.

Simply put, no one really enjoys the chase. No one enjoys trying so much for something as it tell them that they are basically trying to prove their worth to a person who isn’t seeing it.  No one feels good while trying to get someone to love the parts of them that they have spent decades building.  It is such a shame to try so hard for a person who doesn’t try at all, isn’t it?

Think of a relationship as a friendship. Do you have to work too much to connect with your friends? If you were meant to be friends, everything easily falls into place, doesn’t it? You plan hangouts together, you decided to be in each other`s lives, you travel together, check on each other, and really care about each other. Your love is real and there is no need to worry about losing each other.

At certain point, you know who you want to hang out with. You know who you want in your life and who deserves your love and attention.  You somehow figure out who do you want to spend more time with and get to know better. You realize that chasing doesn’t change anything as what is meant to be will be in one way or another.  If someone doesn’t appreciate you and doesn’t try at all, chasing won`t change anything.

Bottom line is that a person failing to see your worth doesn’t  offer an incentive to try to prove them wrong. It means that this person simply isn’t meant to be with you as the ones who do see your worth and appreciate you for who you are don’t need any proof and time.  They are present from the very beginning and show you that you are worth in countless ways.